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Sealine Yachts

Provide rental services of luxurious yachts in the State of Qatar. Seating capacities start from 2 passengers up to 16 passengers. The Yachts are equipped with equipment of safety and security with a high quality and luxury specifications.

Sealine yachts organizes sear trips and water sport activities in cooperation with the Pearl Qatar.

  • Trip to Banana Island with Restaurant bookings and island tour
  • Trip to Saflya Island
  • Yachts and jet boat rental
  • Jet ski rental
  • Full packages trips with great prices
  • Catering service for birthday and parties is available

All Nojoom members will earn 1 Nojoom Point for every QR 1 spent at Sealine Yachts.

Here is how it works

  • Nojoom Members visit Sealine Yachts
  • Upon payment, member must inform staff that he/she is a Nojoom member
  • Staff member will ask for the QR code or membership ID number to be entered in the system. If the member doesn’t have his/her QR code or membership ID number with him/her, the member must bring it along with the invoice up to 45 days from the day the purchase was made to earn Nojoom Points
  • The member will receive the stamped invoice with his membership ID number to keep it in case of any retro claims

How to Redeem

  • Nojoom members will visit the Nojoom website to make the redemption
  • Members to visit Sealine Yachts
  • A dedicated person on the floor will be available to validate the vouchers for Nojoom Members
  • Once validated the member will be able to use the amount against his/her purchases.

Redeem Now

Redeem Now

Customer Support & inquiries

T: 33366820
Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @sealineyachts

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