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No hidden costs. These are our standard prices for our most popular services if you’re not on any Prepaid plans.

QR 0.65 Local calls/min
International calls/min
QR 0.39 Local SMS/message
QR 0.60 International SMS/message
QR 0.80 Local MMS/message
QR 1.20 International MMS/ message

Mobile Internet

QR 0.20 Local Mobile Internet / 1MB

Terms and conditions

  • All calls are charged per minute with a minimum call charge of one minute.
  • All SMS are charged per message part (e.g. If you send a 2-part message you will be charged for 2 SMS).
  • Calls or SMS to premium numbers are charged at the premium rate for that service.
  • Premium charge numbers include 5 or 7 digit numbers that start with 92.
  • The Hala line will get the active line validity as per Hala credit recharge done. To know about Hala recharges click here.
  • After the validity of Hala credit expires, the number will remain in grace period for 30 days and will be able to receive calls/SMS and outgoing services will be barred including data access.
  • Hala number will enter suspension period of 90 days after expiry of grace period and all services will be barred.
  • All types of unused credit and any unused allowance from your packs or cards will be removed as soon as credit validity expires and Hala number enters grace period of 30 days.
  • The Hala line can be re-activated, by topping up with any Hala credit recharge within grace or suspension period. The unused credit and allowance removed at the start of grace period will not be refunded even if top-up is done.
  • The Hala line will be de-activated after expiry of suspension period and Hala number will be made available to other customers immediately after Hala line termination and previous owner cannot request for reinstating the same service number again in any case.
  • The following emergency numbers are free of charge 112, 911, 991, 992 and 999

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