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As a provider of Public Telecommunications Services; Ooredoo’s activities are governed by its fixed and mobile licenses issued pursuant to Law No. 34 of 2006 (Telecommunications Law) and the Applicable Regulatory Framework.

Approved Tariff Documentation

Wholesale and Interconnections
  • Approved RIAO – Non-Confidential Version

    Ooredoo Technical Standards: Damages and Liability

    This Reference Infrastructure Access Offer (RIAO) sets out the basic conditions and technical standards issued by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) under which Ooredoo will accept access requests from Other Licensed Operators (OLOs). Ooredoo Technical Standards, including its procedures and processes designed to safeguard and guarantee the safety and integrity of the duct network and related infrastructure, are published elsewhere in this website. There are differences between the RIAO Technical Standards and Ooredoo Technical Standards in some areas. In case the OLO chooses not to adhere to Ooredoo’s Technical Standard in those areas where it differs from the RIAO Technical Standard and it results in damages to Ooredoo infrastructure, the CRA will ensure that the responsible OLO fully indemnifies Ooredoo against such damage.

  • Approved RTO - Non-Confidential Version
  • Approved RIO - Non-Confidential Version

Information for Other Licensed Operators

The Communications Regulatory Authority

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