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Nojoom Terms & Conditions

Dear Nojoom Member,

Every time you spend on Ooredoo products and services, as well as with Nojoom partners, you will be earning Nojoom points. You can earn from up to 20 Ooredoo services that are associated with your Qatar ID. The top 20 services based on your monthly spend with Ooredoo will be automatically identified to earn Nojoom points.

These Terms and Conditions form the basis of the Nojoom Rewards Programme (Nojoom) and govern the relationship between Ooredoo and the members of Nojoom. By joining Nojoom, you may earn Nojoom points for qualifying activities with Ooredoo and its Partners. Earning and/or usage of any Nojoom services, benefits or rewards will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. It is the member’s responsibility to read and understand them. These Terms and Conditions are effective as of the date of its publication and shall apply all through the period of your Nojoom membership. Ooredoo reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time.

  1. Membership

Enrollment to Nojoom via any available enrollment channels is deemed to be acceptance of Nojoom Terms and Conditions and Ooredoo Privacy Policy for all the services under your QID.

1.1. Enrolment Process and Eligibility

1.1.1. Nojoom membership is available through enrolment only and is:


• Reserved for residents of Qatar only.

• Reserved for natural persons. It is not open to companies, trusts, partnerships or other administrative entities.

• Reserved for eligible residential post-paid and Hala pre-paid customers of Ooredoo, who are 18 years of age and over, who have subscribed to a minimum of one Ooredoo service and are responsible for the payment of its Ooredoo underlying bills.

• Not open to non-subscribers to post-paid or Hala pre-paid services or to returning customers unless they have satisfied the required eligibility thresholds as stated above.


1.1.2. To be successfully enrolled in Nojoom, member must provide the required information during enrollment via available channels.

1.1.3. Enrolment can be done via Ooredoo Mobile App, Website, Self Service Machines, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and will only be completed upon verification of member’s legal name and national ID, against existing data held by Ooredoo.

1.1.4. Nojoom membership is free of charge irrespective of the enrolment media used.

1.1.5. Every active service number under the enrolled QID will have a unique Nojoom Membership Number. Once QID is enrolled in the program, all existing services and any additional services added will be automatically enrolled.

1.1.6. The start date of the membership will be the date the enrolment was accepted by Ooredoo either electronically via the web or any other channel. Non- enrolled customers will not collect Nojoom points until they have enrolled however, they will only earn Tier points which will be the basis of their Tier membership status once they officially enroll in the program.

1.1.7. Nojoom membership cannot be transferred, assigned or sublet

1.1.8 After successful completion of enrolment, a Welcome Email and/or SMS will be sent to members. If email address is NOT provided and verified, only an SMS will be sent.

1.2. Membership Types and Tiers:

1.2.1. Nojoom membership is classified into two (2) User Types – primary and secondary.

Primary User: The mobile number selected as Primary number in the Ooredoo system will be identified as Primary user for Nojoom. The Primary user will be considered as the owner of the loyalty account, which means primary member will have access to all functionalities within Nojoom program. Primary user will have privilege to view all the services under the QID, enable or disable Redemption Access to Secondary users. All major communications related to Nojoom account will also be sent to the primary user number.

Secondary User:  All other GSM services under the QID will be considered as secondary users and each individual service will have unique Nojoom Membership Number. Secondary user will be able to earn points only, unless Primary user has enabled Redemption Access. Secondary user can request for Redemption Access to primary user via the Ooredoo App. Communications related to secondary user’s activities will be sent to both Primary and Secondary user.

1.2.2. Nojoom has four (4) membership Tier levels; (i) Nojoom Red, (ii) Nojoom Silver (iii) Nojoom Gold and (iv) Al Nokhba

1.2.3 Members earn 1 Tier point for every QR 100 spend on Ooredoo services. Each Tier point is valid for 365 calendar days

1.2.4 Members will be assigned with a Tier status based on accumulated tier points

Red Tier: up to 119 Tier Points

Silver Tier: minimum 120 Tier Points

Gold Tier: minimum 240 Tier Points

Al Nokhba: minimum 360 Tier Points

1.2.5 Tier status is valid for 365 days. It is subject for review to be downgraded or renewed depending on the prevailing tier points on the renewal date.

1.2.6 Tier status may be upgraded at any time that the required minimum tier points are earned.

1.2.7 Complimentary Tier status validity will be based on respective terms and conditions of the source of membership upgrade.

1.3. Termination of Membership.

1.3.1. A member may at any time cancel his membership by providing written notice to Ooredoo. Upon receipt of the notice, Ooredoo will terminate the membership by deducting all tier points and Nojoom points. As of this point in time, memberwill not be able to use any Nojoom service benefits offered by the Nojoom Rewards Programme.

1.3.2. Ooredoo reserves the right to terminate the Nojoom membership immediately for the following reasons.


• if any of these Terms & Conditions is breached;

• or if the member in any way abuse an Ooredoo service or  Nojoom membership;

• Any fraudulent acts committed on the member’s part. Any redemption made by the member either before or after the date of a fraud shall be subject to review, and possible cancellation.

• Cancellation of all the member’s Ooredoo residential services, or non-usage for a consecutive two months.

• In the event of a member passes away, all the Nojoom Points accumulated before such an unfortunate incidence will be cancelled immediately. However, Ooredoo may, at its own discretion, reinstate the Nojoom Points for the heirs upon application thereof.


1.3.3. If Ooredoo terminates or cancels the membership, all accumulated Nojoom Points and Tier points will be removed from the member’s account immediately.

1.3.4. Once the member’s Nojoom account has been terminated, it cannot be reinstated under any circumstance. If member re-enrols, he will be allocated a new Nojoom membership account. No previously accrued points will be credited to it under any circumstances.

1.3.5 Suspension due to legal action will result to automatic removal of tier points and Nojoom points accumulated under the Nojoom account. In the event that the account is re-instated, member will be assigned with the same Nojoom Membership ID however neither the tier nor Nojoom points will be credited back to the account.

1.3.6 While the re-instated account can still rejoin the program, an Al Nokhba tier member who faced legal action with Ooredoo Credit Control will never be allowed access to membership in the same Al Nokhba tier.

  1. Personal Data Changes

2.1. Nojoom members are responsible for providing Ooredoo with an email address and selecting one Primary User from services under his QID as the Nojoom registered mobile number.

2.2. All Nojoom programme’s main communication including tier status updates, points earning and redemption summary and points expiry will be sent to the Primary User email address and primary mobile number.

2.3 Primary and secondary users will receive all promotional communication unless DND (Do Not Disturb) is activated on the Ooredoo account level.

2.4. The member’s profile information provided during enrolment to Nojoom can be checked and changed at any time by visiting the “My Nojoom” section of the Ooredoo Nojoom website, or on the Ooredoo mobile app, or calling the Ooredoo Contact Centre at 111 or at 100 for Al Nokhba tier members.

2.5. Information and data collected in accordance with the preceding 2.4, shall be governed by these terms and conditions. Data collected by participating partners  throughother sources e.g. from an account with them, may be subject to other terms and conditions. If member has concerns about the use of such data, please contact the relevant participating partner directly.

2.6. Information regarding the specific services a member buys from Ooredoo will not be passed to any participating partner except where required to operate the Nojoom Rewards Programme. A participating company with whom a member redeems an offer or earns points may use information about the specific goods or services which the member purchased from it to market or to update a database on which the member already appears and will be entitled to do this even if they leave Ooredoo’s Nojoom programme.

  1. Fraud

3.1. If Ooredoo suspects that the member’s Nojoom account is being used for fraudulent purposes Ooredoo may monitor it.

3.2. Where in Ooredoo’s reasonable opinion, Ooredoo considers that the member’s Nojoom account has been used fraudulently,  Ooredoo may suspend it.

3.3. Ooredoo will contact the member to advise that the Nojoom account is under investigation and of the  possible consequences (in line with the Terms and Conditions).

3.4. After further investigation, if the activity is deemed legitimate, the member’s Nojoom account will be reactivated.

3.5. After further investigation, if the activity is deemed fraudulent, the member’s Nojoom account will be terminated, and the member will be notified.  Al Nokhba tier member who is proven fraudulent will never be allowed access to membership in the same Al Nokhba tier.

3.6. Depending on the severity of the fraud and the (possible) damage to Ooredoo, Ooredoo may choose to take legal action in addition to the termination of the account.

3.7. In the case of the member reporting unauthorised reward claims or other activity performed on his account, this will be investigated.

3.8. Any unauthorised redemption of Nojoom points or unauthorized enjoyment of rewards in consequence thereof must be reported to Ooredoo within three months from the date of occurrence; otherwise, no late claims or allegations will be investigated.

  1. Nojoom Points Validity

4.1. Nojoom Points expiry

Nojoom Points expire 12 months after the date they were earned.

Member will receive a reminder notification on the primary mobile number to which the Nojoom account is registered. The reminder notification SMS will be sent latest one week before the end of the month in which the Nojoom points are due to expire.

The message will advise the total number of points due to expire and the date of expiry. Where members have provided a valid email address, an email will also be sent to that address with the same information.

Expired points will be removed from the member’s account immediately after the expiry date.

Nojoom Points cannot be recredited once they have expired and have been removed from a member’s account.

  1. Rewards

5.1. Redeeming Nojoom Points for (Service) Rewards:


All Nojoom rewards are as specified on Ooredoo website and mobile app, or the most recent Nojoom communication issued as the case may be from time to time. The member may redeem his Nojoom points for Ooredoo services and/or at any participating Nojoom partners at a ratio determined by Ooredoo:

Voucher Redemption

redeem vouchers using your Nojoom Points

QR Code

scan the merchant’s QR code using Ooredoo App to authorize the payment and equivalent value of used Nojoom Points will be deducted from your total transaction bill

5.2 All special benefits and privileges that members will be entitled access to will determined by and at the sole discretion of Ooredoo.

5.3. Member is responsible for all redemptions made using any numbers registered under his QID, irrespective of the channel used.

5.4. Any Nojoom Points redeemed for rewards are irreversible, and such rewards may not be cancelled and refunded once issued to the member, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of the reward. Vouchers redeemed and not used within the validity period cannot be cancelled.

5.5 In case of vouchers which are eligible for cancellation, appropriate cancellation fees in terms of Nojoom points will be applied and any Nojoom points expired during the cancellation will not be refunded.

5.6 Hala recharges can be redeemed to any Ooredoo Hala account registered under the member’s QID and are valid for 30 days. Hala credit from redemption can only be used for calls, SMS, subscription packs and renewable products such as Mobile Internet Packs, International Keys etc. Recharges cannot be used for one-off products such as Data Recharge, Flexi and Dawli. Recharges cannot be transferred to another Prepaid Account, and do not have an impact on the member’s main account validity.

5.7. Members cannot earn Nojoom Points from Hala usage of the credit redeemed through Nojoom Points.

5.8. For billed services such as Shahry, Home internet and TV services, you will receive points for all the eligible spend on your bill. These points will be credited to your account once the balance is settled in full. Partial payments will not earn points until full bill is paid. Terminated services are not eligible to earn Nojoom points

5.9. Members can redeem Nojoom Points for services under their QID. Members cannot earn Nojoom Points from Ooredoo postpaid bill paid using Nojoom Points.

5.10. If an intended purchase using a redeemed voucher is for a lower amount than the face value of the Partner(s) or Ooredoo voucher(s) redeemed, the difference will not be returned in any form to the member.

  1. Partners

6.1. Ooredoo may change or terminate Nojoom partners, or modify partner agreements as it deems necessary from time to time and without notice to members.

6.2. Any participating Nojoom partner may at any time withdraw from the programme or change the terms and conditions of the supply of products and services. Ooredoo cannot guarantee that any participating partner will continue to participate in Nojoom nor can it guarantee the continued availability of any particular reward.

6.3. Nojoom rewards in relation to products and services offered by the Nojoom partners including but not limited to hotel, car rental or leisure partners are earned in accordance with the rates and terms and conditions determined by the Nojoom partner and are subject to change. Member should check the applicable rates, terms and conditions with the relevant partner before purchasing such products or services. A list of Nojoom partners is available on the Ooredoo mobile app and website.

6.4. All qualifying services provided by Nojoom partners qualify for Nojoom points’ accumulation under conditions as indicated in any Nojoom communication as issued from time to time.

6.5. Where offered by the Partner, Members can convert Nojoom points to Nojoom partners’ loyalty programmes and vice versa (such as Qatar Airways Privilege Club, QNB Life Rewards) or any partner rewards at a ratio determined by Ooredoo (as specified in the latest Nojoom communication).

6.6. Nojoom points cannot be converted directly into money.

6.7. Each time the member transacts with Nojoom partners for services or products, the exact count of Nojoom points earned for the transaction will be adjusted to his balance at a time determined by Ooredoo and its partners (as specified in the latest Nojoom communication).

6.8. Nojoom points earned or transferred from Nojoom partners will not count towards tier upgrades.

6.9. Honouring redemptions and earnings transactions at partners during promotion/ offer dates are solely up to the partners’ discretion and not controlled by Ooredoo.

  1. Website and/or Mobile App Access

7.1. The Ooredoo Website and Mobile app are made available for use in connection with the member’s participation in Nojoom. The member may, as part of his membership use or copy electronically and print portions of the channels but member should not use such access or content to generate income of any kind. Any other use of materials on this website and the Ooredoo app (including without limitation reproduction for a purpose other than that stated above and any modification, distribution or republication) without our prior written permission is prohibited. In particular, member may not use any data or information made available on or by this website in connection with any business or commercial undertaking (whether or not for profit).

7.2. The intellectual property in all design, text, graphics and other materials and the selection or arrangement of such material in this website is owned by Ooredoo and/or their respective licensors.

7.3. Ooredoo does not make any representations, warranties or terms of any kind in respect of this website and the app or its contents (including, without limitation, any views or comment made) other than those required by law. All information and/or data included in and/or on this website and the mobile app are made available for guidance only. The member’s use of such information and/or data is therefore entirely at his own risk. We expressly exclude, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all liability of Ooredoo, its directors, employees or other representatives, howsoever arising, for any loss suffered as a result of the member’s use of this website and the Ooredoo app.

7.4. The website and mobile app may include links to websites and/or services owned and/or operated by participating companies and/or third parties. These are provided for the member’s convenience and we are not responsible for and do not give any warranties or make any representations regarding any such websites and/or services and are not responsible for or liable in relation to the content or his use of such websites (other than to the extent required by law).

7.5. Due to the nature of the Internet, Ooredoo does not promise full and error free operation of this website and the Ooredoo app at all times.

  1. Copyrights/Trade Marks

8.1. The trademarks, logos and service marks (collectively referred to as “Marks”) displayed on the Ooredoo Website are the property of Ooredoo, the shop operator or of the Nojoom partner as the case may be. Members are prohibited from using any Marks for any purpose including, but not limited to, the use as Meta tags on other pages or sites on the World Wide Web without the written permission of Ooredoo, or such other party which may own the Marks. All information and content including any software programmes available on or through the website (collectively referred to as “Content”) is protected by copyright. Members are prohibited from modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, publishing, selling, licencing, creating derivative works or using any content available on or from the website for commercial or public purposes.

  1. Auditing

9.1. Ooredoo reserves the right to audit any and all Nojoom accounts in the programme at any time and without notice to the member to ensure compliance with the programme rules and applicable conditions of services and/or tariffs.

9.2. If an audit reveals discrepancies or violations, the processing of Nojoom rewards or statement of account may be delayed until the discrepancies are resolved to the satisfaction of Ooredoo.

  1. Changes or Termination of Nojoom Rewards Programme

10.1. Ooredoo has the right to modify these Nojoom Terms & Conditions in whole or in part, at any time without notice and without the member being entitled to any compensation. However, we will make all reasonable efforts to give members prior notice of the changes.

10.2. Ooredoo has the right to terminate the Nojoom Rewards Programme at any time. We will make all reasonable efforts to give members prior notice of the termination of the Nojoom Rewards Programme.

10.3. Ooredoo reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in these Terms and Conditions. All decisions by Ooredoo shall be final and conclusive in each case. These Terms and Conditions supersede all previously published terms and conditions.

10.4. Ooredoo in its sole judgment reserves the right to disqualify a member from further participation in Nojoom, cancel all accumulated Nojoom points and seek compensation for Nojoom rewards used if Ooredoo deems the member has engaged in willful misconduct or has breached any of the Terms and Conditions governing the programme including but not limited to: failure to follow Nojoom policies and procedures or providing false or untrue information in a Nojoom application form, the sale or barter of Nojoom rewards, any misrepresentation of facts relating to the earning or redemption of Nojoom rewards or any other improper conduct as determined by Ooredoo including but not limited to infraction of the tariffs of Ooredoo or any Nojoom partner participating in the programme, any untoward behaviour with reference to any Ooredoo employee or refusal to honour Ooredoo employees’ instructions.

10.5. Nojoom is a programme used by Ooredoo and its partners to award Nojoom members with special Nojoom benefits and Nojoom points when using their Ooredoo products or services.

  1. Law and Jurisdiction

11.1. These Terms and Conditions and the relationship between Ooredoo and each Nojoom member are governed by Qatar law as applied in the State of Qatar. By joining the programme, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of State of Qatar.

11.2. If in any jurisdiction, the programme, the issue of points or the redemption of any reward is unlawful or is contrary to regulatory body directives, then to the extent that the laws of that jurisdiction or such directives are applicable, the issue or redemption of points or Nojoom rewards and any related documents are null and void.