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The gamut of e-business covers not only e-commerce transactions but also the use of technology to redefine old business models to maximize user value (be it external or internal).

With the relentless evolution of e-business technology and enhanced user experience, non-e-business models, and organizational procedures are facing increased pressures.

Ooredoo continuously requires different types of resources, in the form of Materials, Service, etc. to support the operations of the company.

The requirements of all departments are procured by the Procurement Department , 14th Floor, Ooredoo Tower HQ1, West Bay, P.O. Box 217, Doha, Qatar. All tender advertisements/Invitation for Bids/Request for Proposals are made through the pages of e-Procurement under the Corporate Website.

We are always striving to enlist/elicit high participation from the trade and industry in our procurement process. One of the primary objectives of this exercise is to build a database of registered vendors. This process of registration of Suppliers/Contractors will elevate the need to undertake Suppliers/Contractors evaluation against each and every tender in which the same Suppliers/Contractors may be an interested party.

This site provides information about the Procurement Department, its functionaries, activities and other relevant information. It provides for all vendors to register themselves as users of our site. Any visitor to this site may view general information.

The Procurement Department, through this site, intends to provide an opportunity to interested parties to view information on what we buy, what services we require, whom to contact, Tender Notices and processes.

Suppliers/Contractors interested in establishing business relations with Ooredoo are required to register themselves; this registration is achieved by filling up our online registration form.

The registration process is divided into two steps:

  1. Register yourself as a Suppliers/Contractors by filling up the New Registration. You will receive a confirmation of the user id and a system generated password, through the email address you provided as soon as you are approved. This confirmation also denotes you're being approved as a Registered Supplier/Contractor. A Registered Supplier/Contractor is then allowed access to participate in our procurement activities when invited.
  2. Once you are confirmed as a Registered Supplier/Contractor, log in to our system using the approved user id and password, and update your profile. Training documents are also available here.



"The mission of the Procurement Department is to develop and implement sound procurement practices and provide quality service through teamwork and communication with all our Suppliers & Contractors."