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We inspire individual growth journeys while fostering collective progress.

We believe in the untapped potential of each individual and value their unique talents and perspectives. We have created a warm, uplifting and respectful community where they can thrive, prioritising learning and development while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Team Members

9 Countries

Across the World

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Everyone is included. Everyone is supported to thrive and grow. We enjoy an empowering, dynamic environment, where diversity and ethical values form the vibrant heartbeat of our sustainable culture.



It’s what we do best. We champion collaboration and open communication. We build relationships and spark an engaging energy that makes our workplace come alive every single day.



We push boundaries. Drive progress. Never stand still. We enable continuous growth, creative problem-solving and innovation – always upgrading the experiences of our people, our customers, our partners and our shareholders.

Our Growth Perks

From attractive benefits to competitive financial compensation, we deliver on our promise to support your growth and help you upgrade your world.

We foster an agile, team-focused corporate culture that revolves around investing in our people and continuously enhancing their skills, all under the umbrella of OneOoredoo.

Balancing your Life

We have created ways of working that help you balance your life.

Growing your skills

Find personalised opportunities to grow your career and upgrade your skills with on-the-job development, coaching, mentoring, training and a world of online courses.

Helping you grow your family

Never miss a precious moment! We’re all about supporting/celebrating your life milestones with paid maternity and paternity leaves.

Prioritising your health

We’ve got you and your family covered with a premium health insurance plan, so you don’t have to worry about what matters most!

Upgrading your wellness

We strongly believe in the saying “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. With our club membership plan, we share your commitment to prioritizing your physical fitness and overall wellbeing.

Resting and Recuperating

You are your best self when you join, and we want to keep it that way! Our leave policies are thoughtfully designed to ensure that you are able to take time off when you need it, keeping you recharged, renewed and ready to take on any challenge.

Schooling support

We value your children’s education as much as you do. Our generous education allowances ensure you won’t have to compromise on school quality or worry about tuition fees.

Recognising your achievements

Your efforts and contributions to organisational success never go unnoticed! We always make sure to thank you for a job well done with our yearly merit-based incentives and annual salary increases.

Your efforts Pay off!

We offer competitive Total Rewards that are on par with the industry, including attractive performance-based incentives.

Grow Your Skills

Our employees benefit from a blend of learning experiences at work and a wide range of exciting development

grow your skills

Experience-Based Development

We love a challenge! It fuels growth. And we believe in experience-based learning gained through on-the-job experiences such as projects, assignment, and cross-functional roles.

grow your skills

Relationship-Based Development

We cultivate a culture of shared growth. Knowledge is amplified when shared. Fostering a collaborative learning environment is not just an investment in our employees; it's the cornerstone of our commitment to their success.

grow your skills

Education-Based Development

We understand the importance of ongoing learning to stay relevant and advance in your career, which is why we offer a variety of educational opportunities to our employees


Our Employee Value Preposition and Culture

Join us at Ooredoo and become part of a community that values your personal growth, supports your ambitions, and celebrates your successes.


Gary Michael Disley

Executive Director Strategy & Enterprise PMO

"My life has transformed significantly since joining Ooredoo. Personally, my children have grown up here in Qatar, and professionally, I have experienced numerous opportunities that have contributed to my growth over the years."


Sarah Abdulrahman Al-Mawlawi

Director of Corporate Information Security

"My journey at Ooredoo has taken me from a deeply technical role to a leadership position where I now lead teams."


Salem Mohammed A. H. Al-Marri

Senior Director Passive

"At Ooredoo, I have been on an incredible journey, growing from an engineer to a senior director, shaping the future and achieving my aspirations."