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Great news for Ooredoo Money customers; now you can register family members and domestic staff using your Wallet, so they get their own Sub-wallet and share your wallet’s limit and get the same quick, easy and efficient access to Ooredoo Money services!

You can now register family members and domestic staff who have their Ooredoo mobile number under your QID. Qatari nationals can get this service for their family members aged 8 years and above while non-Qataris can get it for family members aged 18 years and above.


Here’s how it works;

  • Each family or staff member will get their own Sub-wallet, with limits managed by you via your main Wallet
  • Your family or staff member can request a Sub-wallet by using the ‘Register’ option on the Ooredoo Money app, and you’ll then be prompted to approve the request
  • Or, you can register a Sub-wallet by using the ‘Sub-wallet’ option on the app, entering Mobile Number and QID of Sub Wallet holder and by uploading images of the Sub-wallet holder’s QID
  • You’ll then be able to set transaction limits for all your Sub-wallets, with Sub-wallets being assigned a share of your main Wallet limit, and edit limits at any time via the Ooredoo Money app. You can check Wallet limits at
  • Any Sub-wallets will be of the same type as the main Wallet; either Basic Wallet or Full Wallet

Once set up, your Sub-wallet holders can use their Sub-wallet as an independent Wallet and enjoy all the services you do with your Ooredoo Money main Wallet, including sending remittances, recharging mobile numbers, recharging international numbers, paying bills, booking movie tickets and much more. If they’re sending remittances, they’ll get access to the best exchange rates and full exchange house services directly from their mobile device, any time and from anywhere. 


The main Wallet and its Sub-wallets share the same transaction limit, both daily and monthly. This means if the main Wallet is a Full Wallet, the daily deposit limit is QR10,000. If a Sub-wallet deposits QR2,000, the remaining available limit for the main Wallet will be QR8,000. This applies to all transaction limits.

Yes, the main Wallet holder can set limits for each Sub-wallet by logging in to the Ooredoo Money app, selecting ‘Sub-wallet’, then selecting ‘Sub-wallet set limit’. The main Wallet holder can then select the Sub-wallet number, enter the limit and then confirm.

The limit set by the main Wallet holder is the Sub-wallet capacity, meaning the Sub-wallet cannot hold a balance greater than that limit.

Yes, as long as the overall limit has not been consumed, this is possible.

No, as both the main Wallet and the Sub-wallet share the same limits so if either consumes the full limit, both must wait until the next day for limits to reset.

Yes, the main Wallet holder has full control over the Sub-wallet. The main Wallet holder can access the Ooredoo Money app and deactivate the Sub-wallet by logging into the Ooredoo Money app, selecting ‘Sub-wallet’, selecting ‘Sub-wallet set limit’, selecting Sub-wallet number and then removing the tick from the active box to confirm the Sub-wallet will be rendered inactive. Activation of a Sub-wallet can be done in the same way.

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