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Terms & Conditions

1. General 

These terms and conditions will form an agreement (the “Agreement”) between you (“you”), the customer, and us, Ooredoo Q.P.S.C (“Ooredoo”, “us” or “we”), upon successful completion of your registration as a Wallet Account Holder. 

This Agreement shall be read with Ooredoo’s General Terms and Conditions which may be found on our website at  (the “Website”), and applies to your use of the Mobile Money service as described below. Please read this Agreement carefully. 

2. Definitions 

Airtime” means in the case of HALA customers only, the balance on your SIM card for use with other Ooredoo products and services. 
"Available Balance" means the amount of E-money in your Wallet Account at any time.

Call Centre” means the Ooredoo call centre that can be contacted by phone at 111 or at +974 44380000. The Call Centre will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Commercially Reasonable Efforts” means the carrying out of obligations or tasks by a party in a sustained manner using good faith commercially reasonable and diligent efforts, which efforts shall be consistent with the exercise of prudent business judgment.

E- money” means money in any particular currency recorded electronically in the Wallet Management System that has the same value as cash in the designated currency.

Equipment” means your mobile phone and SIM card used to effect transactions on OM. 
Force Majeure” includes without limitation acts of God, default or failure of a third party, natural causes (such as severe weather, storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, lightning, floods, widespread fires or any other natural disaster), epidemics of infectious diseases, war (whether declared or not), riots, industrial action, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity, equipment failure including your Equipment or the equipment of any third party, computer or software malfunction, interruption or disruption of our Network or the networks of other service providers, nationalization, governmental action or any act or decision made by a court of competent jurisdiction.

HALA” means an Ooredoo prepaid product offered to customers.

mPIN” means your four digit personal identification number used to log on to the Service.

OTP” means a one time password, which you receive in an SMS on the registered mobile number for login or to confirm a transaction for Ooredoo Money Wallet.

Login Credentials" or "Credentials" means the Customer wallet number, mPIN, Touch/Face ID, finger print authentication, One-Time Password (OTP) and any other credentials that the Customer may use to securely access, or any other means as may be decided by Ooredoo Money from time to time, to be used by the Customer to authenticate himself prior to accessing the Service on Ooredoo Money app or USSD *140#.

Main Wallet means the first wallet which is registered on a specific QID.

MoneyGram” means MoneyGram International B.V., a company incorporated under the laws of United States of America.

Network” means the mobile telecommunications network operated by us in Qatar.

Permitted Destination” means any country to which you may send money using the Service - these countries are listed on our Website at or are available from any Ooredoo Outlet.

Qatar” means the State of Qatar.

Qatar Central Bank” or “QCB” means the Central Bank of Qatar.

Qatari Riyals” means lawful currency of Qatar.

OM” or the “Service” means the service we provide to you through which you may carry out Transactions as described in this Agreement.

QNB” means Qatar National Bank, a shareholding company incorporated under the laws of Qatar.

Ooredoo Agent” means a retail outlet, store or other location where you can sign up for the Service as listed on the Website.

Ooredoo Merchants” means any location that accepts E-money as payment for goods and services as listed on the Website.


“Third Party Merchant “ means any location that accept Ooredoo Money Service. 

Ooredoo Outlet” means a retail Outlet, store or other location listed on our Website where you can load E-money into your Wallet Account or withdraw E-money from your Wallet Account in Qatari Riyals.

SIM card” means a secured subscriber identity module card that enables a Wallet Account Holder to access the Service and other services provided by Ooredoo.

SMS” means short message service or text message sent to your phone. 

Sub Wallet means any subsequent wallet which is registered with approval of Main Wallet holder and it will share the wallet limits of Main Wallet Holder.

Transactions” has the meaning set forth in Clause 5.

Transaction Limits” means the limits in Qatari Riyals applicable to transactions that you can carry out using the Service, in each day or each month that are set forth on our Website at, or are available from any Ooredoo Outlet.

Transfer Instructions” means instructions using the Service to carry out Transactions using your Equipment.

Wallet Account” means your account maintained by Ooredoo which records the amount of E-money you have.

Wallet Account Holder” means the holder of the mobile money Wallet Account.

Wallet Account Holder Information” means any information associated with the mobile money Wallet Account Holder relating to its use of the System.

Wallet Management System” or the “System” means the OM ecosystem operated by Ooredoo in which all Wallet Account balances and transactions of Wallet Account Holders are recorded.


3. Commencement Date 

The Service will begin from the date of approval of your registration and remain effective, unless terminated in accordance with this Agreement.

4. Minimum Age Requirement

By subscribing to the Service you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

5. The Service

You may use the Service to carry out the following transactions (“Transactions”) using your Equipment:
(a) Send E-money to another customer’s OM account in Qatar.

(b) Send E-money to a bank account in Qatar.

(c) Remit E-money to any person at a Permitted Destination.

(d) Purchase Airtime or use other Ooredoo services using E-money.

(e) Make cash deposits from any Ooredoo Outlet or authorized third party locations. Authorized locations can be seen at

(f) Make Cash withdrawals from any Ooredoo Outlet or QNB ATM

(g) Purchase goods and services from Ooredoo Merchants or those who are authorized to accept Ooredoo Money as a payment option 

(h) Load E-money into your Wallet Account direct from your bank account.

(i) Remit E-money as a part of exchange houses money transfer in accordance with Clause 24 below.

You authorize us to process your Transfer Instructions confirmed with your mPIN, OTP, Face ID or finger print authentication made at any Ooredoo Outlet, Ooredoo Merchant or Third Party Merchants.

OM’s regulated financial services are powered by QNB. QNB is regulated by QCB. 

QNB holds all Wallet Account balances in a special pool account in Qatar for the benefit of all Wallet Account Holders.

Your E-money is different from Airtime. You cannot use your airtime as E-money to enter into a transaction.

You may use the Service while travelling outside Qatar in which case roaming charges will apply. These are listed on our Website at .

6. Registration and Use of Wallet Account 

(a) To access the Service, you must register at any Ooredoo Agent or authorized   third party locations by filling in an application form and opening an OM account by presenting a valid Qatari identity card or Qatari expatriate identification card. Registration can be done with a passport and valid work visa for a limited time period after which wallet should be updated with QID. We may refuse your application for any reason. 

(b) Upon registration, you will enter a four digit combination as your mPIN. Please take all necessary security measures to protect your mPIN and do not use your phone number or date of birth as your mPIN. Please change your mPIN frequently. You will be responsible for its security by keeping the mPIN confidential at all times. We recommend you commit it to memory. In addition, never share OTP password received for login through the app or any other transaction with anybody as it is used to perform financial transactions.

(c) If access to the Service is made by any third party by use of your mPIN, OTP Touch/Face ID or finger print authentication with or without your authorisation, we shall consider that the Service has been accessed properly and the transaction conducted is valid.

(d) If a wrong mPIN is entered more than three times, the Wallet Account of that Wallet Account Holder will be automatically suspended temporarily. Should you wish to reactivate the Service, you should contact the Call Centre or reset the mPin through USSD or app by providing necessary verification

(e) Once your application has been accepted and you have successfully registered, you may use the Wallet Account as follows:

(i) To buy E-money from any Ooredoo Outlet or Third party locations. 

(ii) E-money may be sent to your Wallet Account by your employer or any other person. 

(iii) You may transfer E-money to your Wallet Account by sending funds from your bank account.  

(iv) With an Available Balance you may carry out Transactions. 

(v) A Transaction will not take place if you have insufficient E-money in your Wallet Account to cover the amount of E-money you want to send and related charges. We will notify you that the transaction will not take place in such circumstances.

(vi) A Transaction that exceeds the Transaction Limits will not take place.

(vii) We carry out identity and security checks when we receive your Transfer Instructions and may refuse any transaction if we are not satisfied with the results of our checks.

(viii) We will confirm all successful Transactions sent or received by sending you an SMS with your new Wallet Account balance with a special number – these numbers are used to identify all transactions carried out in your Wallet Account.

7. Sub Wallet Account 

(a) If you register or approve a Sub Wallet under your wallet, you are legally responsible for all activities of Sub Wallet holder, so that any act or omission by the Sub Wallet Holder shall be deemed to be your acts and omissions.

(b) Ooredoo will not be liable for any conflict regarding the usage of your limit, as the limit of your wallet and all Sub Wallets are shared. Overall limit shall stay the same as per your wallet type. Wallet limits are mentioned at

(c) Main Wallet owner continues to bear the responsibility of all transactions from any of its approved Sub Wallets.

(d) Adding/Approving any of the Sub Wallets gives transaction rights to the Sub Wallet Holders.

(e) Ooredoo in its sole discretion, reserves the right to seek legal action against the Main Wallet holder or the Sub Wallet holder.

(f) In the event of fraudulent behaviour, Ooredoo, in its sole discretion, may seek financial recovery from either the Main Wallet holder or the Sub Wallet holder or both.

8. Undertakings 

You undertake and agree as follows: 

(a) The information that you provided to us for the purpose of registration for the Service is and will be true and correct.  

(b) You will provide any additional information that we may request from time to time relating to your registration, failing which we may suspend or terminate the Service. 

(c) The information provided by you may be held on a database and we may use, store, analyse and transfer or exchange such information with all such persons as may be considered necessary by us without reference to you. You agree that your information may be treated in such manner by us. You agree to opt-in for Ooredoo and Ooredoo partner-related marketing and advertising. You may opt-out of this feature at any time: see our website at 

(d) You will comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

(e) You will comply with all applicable laws, statutes, rules, regulations, notices, instructions or directives of the relevant authorities or any notices, instructions, directives or guidelines given by us in connection with the Service by publication on the Website or through the media. 

(f) You have not fraudulently register with us for use of the Service. If we discover that you are impersonating another customer, whether an individual or another legal entity, you shall be responsible for any liability that may arise as a result of such fraudulent activity. Abusing the Service may result in its immediate termination or suspension and we shall notify the relevant authorities promptly of such abuse. 

(g) You shall not use the Service for any illegal activity under applicable laws. 

(h) You will comply with the Transaction Limits applicable to any Transaction from time to time. The information is available at

(i) All records of Transactions relating to your mPIN, Touch/Face ID or fingerprint authentication will be binding on you and act as conclusive evidence of your registration for the Service. 

(j) You shall be responsible for all your Transactions. Upon request by you, Ooredoo shall provide you with online or paper statements of your Wallet Account. You may request such paper statement either by contacting the Call Centre or by visiting an Ooredoo Outlet. 

(k) The use of the Service is subject to such other terms, conditions, rules and regulations as specified by QCB or any other regulatory or governmental authority from time to time. 

(l) Subject to Clause 7(r) below, the Service is not transferable or assignable to any third party. We shall not be liable for any costs, loss or damage (whether direct or indirect), or for loss of revenue, loss of profits or any consequential loss as a result of your transferring or assigning the Service to any third party. 

(m) The Wallet Account cannot be pledged or used in any manner by you as any form of security in favor of any third party for any purpose. We shall not be liable for any costs, loss or damage (whether direct or indirect), or for loss of revenue, loss of profits or any consequential loss as a result of your using the Service as a form of security. 

(n) You will be responsible for checking and verifying all Transactions including, without limitation, the amount and recipient information. We shall not be obliged to reverse any transactions or wrongful entries as a result of your error or mistake.  

(o) You will immediately notify Ooredoo upon receipt of incomplete or inaccurate data or information or any data which is not intended for you. You shall delete such data or information from your Equipment. 

(p) You will use your Wallet Account only for personal use and not for any commercial business, whether directly or indirectly. If we determine that you have violated this undertaking, we will close your account(s) in accordance with the instructions of QCB and the Qatari Ministry of Economy and Commerce.  

(q) You are the only person entitled to E-money in the Wallet Account. 

(r) You may have up to a maximum of five (5) OM accounts in respect of which five (5) SIM cards at any time will be issued to you under your identification number, provided all your accounts shall be collectively subject to Transaction Limits for one account.

9. Exchange Rate; Interest 

(a) The remittance of money outside Qatar to a beneficiary’s account will be subject to the prevailing exchange rate as determined by us. 

(b) We will not pay interest on any E-money held in your Wallet Account.

10 .Disclaimers 

(a) The Service is provided on an “as is” basis without any representations of any kind, whether express or implied as permitted by law. Your use of the Service is at your own risk. 

(b) We will use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to ensure that the Service is secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties. 

(c) We shall not be liable or responsible to you or to any third parties for any losses, damages, costs or expenses suffered by such person(s) arising out of or in connection with the rejection of your application or its non-acceptance or use, withdrawal, restriction, cancellation or termination of the Service resulting from or in consequence of any act or omission by us, except in the case of our wilful misconduct or gross negligence. 

(d) We shall not be responsible for any Transactions carried out by you through the Service. We will use our Commercially Reasonable Efforts to assist you with any error or mistake made in effecting any Transaction. However any dispute between you and the transacting party must be resolved by you and such party. 

(e) We shall not be liable for acting on a confirmation sent by you together with your mPIN , OTP Touch/Face ID or finger print authentication. Such confirmation shall be deemed irrevocable and binding on you upon receipt by us, notwithstanding any error, fraud, forgery, negligence, lack of clarity or misunderstanding in respect of the terms of such confirmation. 

(f) Apart from liability that we cannot exclude by law, we will not be liable for any losses you suffer as a result of using the Service, including losses arising from (i) an error or mistake you have made in your transfer instructions, (ii) any fraud committed by another OM customer or third party (iii) any delays or losses arising from a failure of the Network, and (iv) our inability to provide the Service due to Force Majeure or other events beyond our reasonable control.

11. Validity and Access to Information 

(a) We shall make available online information with respect to Transactions carried out by you. This information may be accessed through our channels (Ooredoo Money App, USSD by dialling *140# or SSM) to get statements for limited number of transactions. You may also request such information by visiting Ooredoo outlets or by contacting the Call Centre to get comprehensive list of transactions. 

(b) Information relating to your use of the Service, your name and other personal information may be made available to QNB, QCB, our other partners, other regulatory or governmental agencies or other third parties to enable us to open or manage your Wallet Account or to prevent or detect crime or as otherwise required by law. You agree to the use of your personal information by us in this manner. This clause will survive the termination or expiry of this Agreement.

12. Disputes 

(a) Any disputes regarding billing or any Transaction(s) conducted using the Service must be notified to the Call Centre within three (3) months from the date of such transaction(s). You shall furnish us with all necessary supporting documents at the time of notifying the dispute or when requested by us. If we do not receive written notice within three (3) months, you are deemed to have agreed that the bills and Transactions are accurate and you will have to pay the amount as billed for using the Service. If there is a dispute regarding the amount in any bill, you will promptly pay any outstanding amount which is not in dispute. If the dispute is resolved in our favour, you will pay the disputed amount immediately plus any interest due on any late payment, and any legal costs and collection expenses incurred by using connection with the dispute or late payment.  

(b) You agree and consent to the disclosure and release by us of any information in our possession relating to you, particulars of transaction(s) or any designated account relating to the Transaction(s) for the purpose of investigating any claim or dispute arising out of or in connection with the Transaction(s) relating to the Service. Your consent shall survive the termination of the Service. 

(c) You agree that in the event of a dispute or claim of any nature arising in respect of any transaction, the records of the transaction(s) available from us will be used as a reference and shall be the sole basis for settling such dispute or claim. 

(d) All disputes arising under this Agreement will be resolved by us within five days with your cooperation.  

(e) This clause 11 will survive the expiry or termination of this Agreement.

13. Fees and Charges 

(a) You will pay prevailing fees and charges relating to Transactions carried out using the Service. The applicable fees and charges shall be based on our prevailing rates as set forth on the Website at, and will be available from any Ooredoo Outlet or published from time to time in the media.  

(b) Charges will be automatically deducted from your Wallet Account at the time any Transactions are carried out, or charges for non-transaction fees will be deducted as and when they become applicable. 

(c) You can review recent activity in your Wallet Account by requesting this information from the Call Centre or any Ooredoo Outlet.

14. Fraudulent Use or Lost or Stolen Equipment 

(a) You will not tamper or allow anyone to tamper with your Equipment or the Service. 

(b) You must immediately notify the Call Centre and report to the Police any loss, fraud, suspected fraud, dishonest use or theft of your Equipment or illegal use of your Wallet Account. You will be liable for all charges incurred in relation to the lost or stolen Equipment or fraudulent use of the Service until we receive notification from you or disconnection of the Service. 

(c) Notwithstanding the above, we may reject payment in respect of any Transaction if the Service is suspected to have been fraudulently used or tampered with. 

(d) Ooredoo may enforce a change in your mPIN, if we determine that your Wallet Account has been compromised. 

We shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered, if any, by you as a result of any of the circumstances described in this Clause 13.

15. Termination and Suspension 

(a) We may immediately terminate, suspend or impose conditions or restrictions on you in respect of the use of the Service or change the procedures or mode of operation of the Service without giving any reason or notice. 

(b) You may request us to end this Agreement or terminate the Service by visiting Ooredoo outlet. The Service will be assumed to be terminated on receipt of your notification to us. 

(c) Notwithstanding Clause 14(a), we reserve the right at any time, to immediately suspend or terminate your use of the Service or this Agreement for any reason, including but not limited to, the following circumstances: 

(i) If in our opinion, you have indulged in any dishonest, fraudulent, illegal or criminal conduct or misrepresentation relating to the Service.

(ii) You are in breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement or have engaged in any conduct prejudicial to us.

(iii) You have submitted false documents or have declared false information during your application for the Service.

(iv) your SIM card is no longer operational or is cancelled.

(v) we cannot provide the Service to you. 

(vi) Where your allocated mobile number has been ported to another network operator, you have failed to pay any outstanding amounts which are due and payable to Ooredoo under this Agreement or any other agreement which you may have with Ooredoo in respect of that mobile number. 

(d) We will make reasonable efforts to inform you if we have terminated this Agreement. 

(e) QCB regulations will apply to any funds left in your Wallet Account after this Agreement has ended. 

(f) Subject to this Agreement, termination of the Service will result in automatic closure of your Wallet Account.. 

(g) Unless this Agreement is terminated for suspected illegal activity, subject to Clause 15(a) and any applicable QCB regulations, you will be entitled to recover any E-money left in your Account on termination of this Agreement by presenting your identification papers at any Ooredoo Outlet.

(h) This Agreement may be terminated due to Force Majeure as set forth in Clause 18.

16. Consequences of Termination or Suspension 

(a) Upon termination of this Agreement there will be an automatic closure of your mWallet Account, the remaining amount in the Available Balance will be refunded to you after the deduction of administration fees and charges specified by Ooredoo.  

(b) Upon suspension, we may reconnect the Service subject to a reconnection fee and the payment of all outstanding amounts due to us or any other amounts as required by us for reconnection of the Service. 

(c) The provisions of this Clause 15 are without prejudice to any of our other rights and remedies under this Agreement or applicable law. 

(d) If you have E-money left in your Wallet Account for ten years following termination of this Agreement, and we have not been able to return this amount to you, we will transfer it to the relevant authorities in Qatar. 

(e) If your mWallet Account becomes inactive due to a suspension of your Ooredoo SIM card, you may reactivate your mWallet Account at any time, as long as the Ooredoo SIM is also reactivated on Ooredoo network. 

(f) If a SIM card for any mWallet Account is either transferred to another telecom operator or became inactive for a continuous period of one year, the funds held in such mWallet Account will be transferred immediately to a sub-pool account. If your mWallet Account became inactive, you may reactivate your mWallet Account after we determine your eligibility status to use the service otherwise you will be entitled to retrieve the value of your E-money transferred to the sub-pool account at any time subject to monthly maintenance fee. The funds will be disposed of in the manner set forth in Clause 15(d) if not retrieved.

(g) This Clause 15 will survive the expiry or termination of this Agreement. 

17. Amendment of this Agreement 

Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, we reserve the right to amend this Agreement and update it from time to time.

18. Compliance 

You agree that you will comply with this Agreement and other documents provided to you in relation to the Service. To the extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable to you for any costs, loss or damage (whether direct or indirect), or for loss of revenue, loss of profits or any consequential loss whatsoever suffered or incurred by you or any other person as a result of you using the Service or for any other reason.

19. Force Majeure 

We may not be able to perform our obligations under this Agreement due to events beyond our reasonable control including Force Majeure. Force Majeure events shall mean but shall not be limited to; acts of God, terrorist acts, shortage of supply, breakdowns or malfunction, interruptions or malfunctions of computer facilities, or loss of data due to power failures or mechanical difficulties with information storage or retrieval systems, labour difficulties, war, or civil unrest. If Force Majeure continues for more than one (1) month, we shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement.

20. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution 

(a) This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Qatar. You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the jurisdiction of the Qatari courts for all purposes in relation to this Agreement. 

(b) This Agreement will be translated into Arabic. Subject to Clause 24 IX(c), in the event of any inconsistency between the English and the Arabic versions, the English version shall prevail over the Arabic version. 

21. Severability 

If any of the provisions of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable under any applicable law, the legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall not be affected or impaired in any way and such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision shall be deemed deleted.

22. Miscellaneous 

(a) You can contact us at any time by calling the Call Centre or you may visit the Website for additional information relating to the Service. 

(b) We may contact you by text or call you during any reasonable day or hour. 

(c) You agree that we can process instructions given to us by you by phone without written confirmation. In such case we will carry out security and identity checks by asking you certain questions. You agree if these questions are answered correctly we may change the Wallet Account or give out your Wallet Account Holder Information. 

(d) We may monitor and record how you use the Service for our internal purposes and for preventing and detecting crime.

23. Location of Customer Records 

Customer records relating to the Wallet Management System and our transactional platform will be held in Qatar.


The provisions of this Agreement which by their nature or express terms are intended to survive expiry or termination of this Agreement will survive expiry or termination, including Clauses 7(l) and (m), 9(c), 9(e) and (f), 10(b), 11, 13(b) and (e), 15, 17, 19 and 20. 

* * * * * 
25. MoneyGram money transfer service 


(a) This agreement is between you and MoneyGram acting through Ooredoo to offer international money transfer services through mobile phones in cooperation with QNB from the Wallet Account. These terms are part of this Agreement. 

(b) You must read, agree and accept/sign these terms and conditions. 

(c) You must complete the mobile form while initiating the transfer and ensure all sections of the mobile form have been fully and accurately completed. You must also enter your Wallet Account passcode. If you do not, MoneyGram may not be able to send the money. You must call us if any of the information you provide changes before the recipient collects or receives the money. 

(d) This agreement is for MoneyGram to provide you with MoneyGram® Money Transfer service, which allows you to send money from your Wallet Account maintained by us to the person indicated by you in the mobile form (the "recipient") (a) to collect in cash at a MoneyGram location (MoneyGram’s "cash to cash" service); or (b) to receive into his/her bank account or other type of physical or virtual account including mobile wallet (MoneyGram’s "cash to account" service). These conditions apply to both services, except where MoneyGram says they apply to one of them. 

(e) You can only send money to a country other than Qatar ("receive country"). The recipient can only collect the money in the receive country stated by you in the mobile form. Once we have processed the transaction and have debited the money from your Wallet Account, the recipient can collect the money at any MoneyGram location in the receive country within minutes (during opening hours) in cash, in the currency selected by you unless condition III or VI below applies. MoneyGram will not contact the recipient when the money is ready to collect, so this is something you will need to do. 

(f) MoneyGram does not offer MoneyGram services in all countries. You can contact the Call Center or visit either Ooredoo or MoneyGram’s website to find out the availability of MoneyGram services and addresses and opening times of locations offering the MoneyGram service outside Qatar. 


(a) You can only send money in Qatari Riyals in which your Wallet Account is denominated. You must pay MoneyGram the fee stated in the mobile form. You will not be charged any other fee for the transfer. To find out whether a payout currency is available at a particular service representative location in the receive country and what exchange rate will apply to conversion from Qatari Riyals to the receive currency; you can use the service interface through your Ooredoo phone. The agreed exchange rate and the resulting amount will be stated on the mobile screen prior to completion of the transfer and also in the confirmation message you will receive after the transfer is processed. 

(b) However, for transfers to certain countries if the money is not collected within forty-five (45) days, the recipient's service representative may recalculate the converted amount at the time of collection, using MoneyGram or the service representative’s own standard exchange rate. Please ask the Call Centre for details. 


There are limits on how much you can send. You can find out more information on the applicable limits from the Ooredoo Call Centre or our Website. MoneyGram may refuse to send the money or allow it to be collected if MoneyGram reasonably believes that: (a) by doing so MoneyGram may break any law, regulation, code or other duty that applies to MoneyGram; (b) doing so may expose MoneyGram to action from any government or regulator; or (c) it may be linked with fraudulent or illegal activity. 


(a) You can cancel the transfer unless it has been already collected or received by the recipient. If you wish to cancel the transfer and request a refund of the transfer amount and fee, you need to contact Ooredoo Call Centre and ask for the refund. We will process such request and will refund the transfer amount and fee to your Wallet Account. 

(b)  If the transfer has not been collected or received by the receiver within 1 (one) calendar month from the date of the transfer, we may be required by applicable law to reverse and cancel the transfer without your instructions or consent. In this case, we will refund transfer amount (without fee) to your Wallet Account. 


(a) In order to collect the money and complete a transfer, Identification may have to be provided by the recipient. 

(b) The reference number of the transfer will normally also need to be provided to the service representative. Please note that the reference number is not always required to collect the money. 

(c) You must not give the reference number or recipient's details to anyone other than your chosen recipient, and do all you reasonably can to make sure no one else can obtain them - for example, by (a) not letting anyone see the transaction information on your Wallet Account, or the confirmation SMS-message; and (b) not writing down the reference number in a way that can be recognised, nor letting anyone overhear you tell the recipient what they are.  


MoneyGram will send the money to the bank account or any other physical or virtual account which you specify in the mobile form. For information on when a payment will be credited to such an account, you need to contact MoneyGram. The recipient’s bank or relevant account service provider may apply its own charges to the transfer, which do not involve MoneyGram. 


Service representatives may be offering additional services to recipients under separate agreements, which do not involve MoneyGram and so for which MoneyGram is not liable. They may charge extra for those services, and will use a currency conversion rate of their choice if they involve changing currency. 


(a) Neither Ooredoo nor MoneyGram will be liable if MoneyGram breaks this agreement because of: (a) abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances outside MoneyGram control where MoneyGram could not avoid breaking this Agreement despite MoneyGram’s efforts to the contrary - this may include, for example, delays or failures caused by industrial action, problems with another system or network, mechanical breakdown or data-processing failures; or (b) MoneyGram obligations under applicable laws to which MoneyGram may be subject to. 

(b) Neither Ooredoo nor MoneyGram is liable to you for more than the amount of money you send and the consumer fee. MoneyGram will not be liable for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential losses or costs you suffer or, as this Agreement is made with you as a consumer, any business losses or costs (such as loss of business profits or opportunities). 

(c) MoneyGram service is for you to send money to a private individual known by you rather than to make a commercial payment, and you must not use it for those types of transaction. You must also follow the fraud warnings on the Website and the registration form. If you ask Ooredoo or MoneyGram to pay someone who turns out to have defrauded you, or who fails to meet their obligations to you, neither Ooredoo nor MoneyGram will be liable as a result. 


(a) MoneyGram will report money transfers to any government authorities if MoneyGram is required to do so by law. 

(b) None of MoneyGram services involve you or the recipient having a “deposit” or a deposit account with MoneyGram (or any other company helping with the transfer, apart from the receiving bank or relevant account service provider for a cash to account transfer) at any time. 

(c) The provisions of this Clause 24 have been prepared in the English language, which shall be the governing language for all purposes. Any translation of this Clause 24 into a language other than English (including Arabic) is solely for the convenience of the parties. 


(a) MoneyGram may process your and the recipient's personal information and the details of your transfer on MoneyGram systems in order to provide you and the recipient with transfer services and to prevent fraud. MoneyGram may also obtain information about you from reputable reference sources as part of verification processes and other servicing of your relationship with MoneyGram (including market research, special promotions, and sending you information about MoneyGram services) as permitted by applicable law. You warrant that you have the recipient's consent to share his personal information with MoneyGram.  

(b) MoneyGram may, for the above purposes, share the information with MoneyGram parent, affiliates, agents, or service providers. MoneyGram will not share the information with anyone else except as required by law. MoneyGram has security practices and procedures in place to restrict access to personal information as appropriate. 

(c) You may request access to your personal information, ask for the information to be corrected or updated, or withdraw your consent for marketing use at any time by writing, e-mailing, or calling MoneyGram (Attn: Privacy Officer) or logging onto

(d) By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to MoneyGram collection, use and transfer of your and the recipient's personal information for the above purposes, including transfers to the USA and to the receive country. MoneyGram website describes how MoneyGram uses your information at


MoneyGram and Ooredoo are committed to providing you with the best service at all times. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the MoneyGram service offered through Ooredoo, please contact Ooredoo or MoneyGram as soon as possible. 

For full details of MoneyGram’s complaints procedure, or to submit a complaint, you can: 

a) Call Ooredoo on toll free number 111 or MoneyGram on 0018006663947 (this number is not toll free so you may be charged for calls to this number).  

b) visit the MoneyGram website and submit the online form.

c) write an email to [email protected].

d) Write to MoneyGram at: Konstruktorska Business Centre, 13 Konstruktoraska Street, Warsaw, Poland 02-673

26. TERMS & CONDITIONS relating to the Exchange House Money Transfer Service 


  1. Please furnish the correct beneficiary name, account number, bank branch (if sent to bank) and mobile number of both the remitter and beneficiary when registering the beneficiary details by accessing the Mobile Money Menu (*140#) or through “Ooredoo Money” app.
  2. The remitter/customer must be registered with Mobile Money service to be able to send remittance.
  3. If the remittance is returned due to incorrect details, EXCHANGE HOUSE will not take any responsibility and remitter will have to bear additional charges, if any, for resending the remittance. In case of a refund, the prevailing buying rate of EXCHANGE HOUSE will be applicable.
  4. In case of instant credit, if the beneficiary has not claimed the amount or if the amount has been returned, the remitter should call on at our branch within three (3) days of remittance for immediate refund / re-credit.
  5. EXCHANGE HOUSE will not be responsible for any delay in remittance arising out of acts beyond our control such as, but not limited to, telecommunication breakdown, natural disaster etc.
  6. The remitter/customer should ensure that beneficiary details mentioned are correct, transaction details are verified before confirmation and an electronic receipt (SMS) is received for every remittance made.
  7. For the avoidance of doubt, transfer fees shall not be refunded after the transaction has been processed by EXCHANGE HOUSE.
  8. Exchange House hereby confirms that the money involved in the transfer has not been used for illegal purposes and criminal activities, such as but not limited to, money laundering, terrorist financing or fraud.
  9. Exchange House shall assist Ooredoo in the discharge of our anti-money laundering, security validation and verification responsibilities by promptly providing all required information, as we may be requested in connection with the transaction.