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Mobile Money
How many types of Wallet does Ooredoo Money offer?

Based on the registration process and transaction limit, there are currently four types of Wallet available. These are the Full mWallet , the Basic Wallet, the Payroll Wallet and the Sub-Wallet 
You can register for Basic Wallet just by dialing *140# or downloading the “Ooredoo Money” app . With Basic wallet, you can transfer up to QR 5,000 per transaction/month to your home country. 
To register for the Full mWallet, you need to visit an Ooredoo shop or Starlink outlet with your QID or passport with a valid visa. You can upgrade your Basic Wallet to Full mWallet. The Full mWallet allows you to send QR 10,000 per transaction. 

Can I use my existing SIM for the Ooredoo Money service?

If you are currently an Ooredoo Hala or Shahry customer, you may register for Ooredoo Money on the same SIM.

Please note that the Shahry or Hala SIM that you wish to use must be registered under your Name/QID, as it appears on Ooredoo records.

If your SIM is not registered under your name and you still wish to use OM, visit any of our Ooredoo shops or Starlink outlets and we will transfer your SIM to your name within minutes.

Can I send money to any person in the Philippines?

Yes, you can send money to anyone in the Philippines using MoneyGram cash pick-up or bank account credit, or send bank account credit using Aldar Exchange, Al Zaman Exchange or Gulf Exchange. You can also send money to a Globe Telecom subscriber. The beneficiary should be registered to GCASH to be able to collect the money. The money you send will be received directly in their GCASH wallet. If the recipient is not registered to GCASH, they will receive an SMS. This will mention that they have received money, but to claim it they have to register first. If the beneficiary/recipient is not a Globe Telecom subscriber, you will not be able to send them money.

Do I need to have a minimum balance in my Ooredoo Money account?

No, there is no minimum balance required

Will I be charged for receiving money into my Ooredoo Money account?

No, you will not be charged for receiving money in an OM mWallet. However, there are charges for sending money. Please refer to the Tariff Guide

Can I use Ooredoo Money outside of Qatar?

Yes, you can access the service from your mobile phone the same way you would in Qatar. However, roaming charges may apply.

How much does the Ooredoo Money service cost?

Registering for the service and depositing money in your mWallet is free of charge. Local and International transfers have a nominal transaction fee. Please refer to the Tariff Guide. Note: this question needs to be translated as it is displayed in English on the website.

Can I pay bills with my Ooredoo Money account?

Yes, you can pay your bills using your OM account.

Where can I go to deposit money (Cash-In) in my Ooredoo Money mWallet?

Cash-In is available at all Ooredoo shops or Dealer Partner outlets, Ooredoo Self Service Machines (SSM) , via Debit Card, QNB Mobile Payment service, Cash-In from any bank in Qatar using your Ooredoo Money IBAN or Cash-In by receiving your salary into your mWallet. 

Do I earn any interest on the amount in my Ooredoo Money mWallet?

There is no interest earned on the OM mWallet.

How safe is Ooredoo Money to use? Is it secure?

Your Ooredoo Money mWallet is protected by a 4-digit mPIN that you set yourself and a one-time password (OTP). Since there is no way to access your Ooredoo Money mWallet without this mPIN and OTP, only you are able to access your mWallet. In addition, Ooredoo utilises advance security measures that meet Qatar Central Bank requirements, ensuring that your money and transactions are secure. Through our partnership with QNB, we ensure that the service is compliant with the highest security standards.

What is the limit for each Sub-wallet?

The main Wallet and its Sub-wallets share the same transaction limit, both daily and monthly. This means if the main Wallet is a Full Wallet, the daily deposit limit is QR10,000. If a Sub-wallet deposits QR2,000, the remaining available limit for the main Wallet will be QR8,000. This applies to all transaction limits.

Can the main Wallet holder set limits for Sub-wallets and, if so, how?

Yes, the main Wallet holder can set limits for each Sub-wallet by logging in to the Ooredoo Money app, selecting ‘Sub-wallet’, then selecting ‘Sub-wallet set limit’. The main Wallet holder can then select the Sub-wallet number, enter the limit and then confirm.

When the main wallet holder sets a limit for a Sub-wallet, what is this limit?

The limit set by the main Wallet holder is the Sub-wallet capacity, meaning the Sub-wallet cannot hold a balance greater than that limit.

If the Sub-wallet holder consumes the balance in the Sub-wallet, can he or she deposit again?

Yes, as long as the overall limit has not been consumed, this is possible.

If the Sub-wallet holder consumes the daily limit, is the main Wallet holder then able to use the limit?

No, as both the main Wallet and the Sub-wallet share the same limits so if either consumes the full limit, both must wait until the next day for limits to reset.

Can the main Wallet holder control the Sub-wallet?

Yes, the main Wallet holder has full control over the Sub-wallet. The main Wallet holder can access the Ooredoo Money app and deactivate the Sub-wallet by logging into the Ooredoo Money app, selecting ‘Sub-wallet’, selecting ‘Sub-wallet set limit’, selecting Sub-wallet number and then removing the tick from the active box to confirm the Sub-wallet will be rendered inactive. Activation of a Sub-wallet can be done in the same way.

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