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Ooredoo Money Payment Gateway

Grow your business with the latest and best payment Gateway

Ooredoo Money Payment Gateway is a modern, effective solution that meets your business’s banking needs. You’ll be able to receive online and mobile payments that are 100% secure and work anytime, anywhere. Your customers can even pay you by simply scanning a QR code. With a simple and inviting user experience, you’ll receive more payments and grow your business. Register now to get started!


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OM Payment Gateway is a trusted and reputable payment gateway that provides a safe checkout experience for your customers. We handle your customers’ delicate data with care, and ensure your customers feel safer on your website.


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We offer fixed and customisable pricing slabs. Check out our pricing plans and decide what suits your business. Don’t worry; there are absolutely no hidden charges or costs.

Accepted Payment Methods

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Our focus is to create convenience for your customers. OM Payment Gateway enables your business with a gateway that offers a wide range of payment methods, broadening your sales potential. VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, local and international debit and credit cards and Mobile Wallets.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Customer calls or complaints would be reduced drastically, as waste collection staff will collect the waste before bins overflow causing customer dissatisfaction.


Recurring Payments

OM Payment Gateway enables our customers to subscribe to various services using this feature, saving time and making it easier for customers to clear their payments.

Secure Debit/Credit cards payments

With the implementation of our 3D Secure feature, safe and convenient online debit/credit card shopping is now a reality. You can purchase and pay with funds.


Our gateway offers Tokenisation technology which is used to store your card details in an encrypted token for automated payments.

PCIDSS Certified

Our infrastructure is PCIDSS certified so you can be confident that your card data is in very safe hands.

Seamless Integration

This platform allows installation and integration that works smoothly with existing systems and can be carried out in less than 24 hours!

Fraud Control Module

The platform is robust and has a holistic fraud and cybercrime management containing real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention.

Reporting/Analytics Module

This module is made for reporting/analytics and includes the features,

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  • Electronic invoicing and electronic billing, shared via email thereby reducing intensive paperwork.
  • Automation of the invoicing process.
  • Instant refunds for disputed transactions upon request, via the auto-settlement/refund module.
  • The Merchant Management Portal including a number of services.
  • The Dedicated Merchant Support team, an equipped professional team ready to support customers 24x7 with any issues encountered.
  • API so you can easily integrate this system anywhere.


Interchange Based Pricing

We offer percentage-based pricing to suit your business needs.

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