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Personal | November 15, 2020

One Plan – Multiple SIMs for the Whole Family

Doha, Qatar
Ooredoo, the nation’s leader in digital innovation, has announced the launch of an innovative new personalised digital customer experience that will revolutionise monthly plan mobile services in Qatar.
Shahry Me, an exciting new app-managed plan, allows for complete personalisation of Shahry plans with the precise allocation of data and calling across family members and households. Customers can design their own plan based on their own individual needs and those of their family and household members, ensuring allowances do not go to waste and customers can make the most of all elements of their plan.
Shahry Me allows users easily to share data and minutes with the whole family and household members via the App any time. The main account owner can manage up to 5 SIM cards of the family, while being control of services and allowances via the specially designed App; unused allowances can be passed on to other family and household members, and children can be rewarded with extra data for more screen time.
Customers will also be protected against bill shocks, though, as dependent users will have to request extra allowances from the main account holder who will approve or reject such requests.
After installing the new Shahry Me App, customers will be able to order their Shahry Me SIM online or migrate any of their existing Hala or Shahry services to Shahry Me. They will also be able to personalise their service and will be charged only for the confirmed services, thanks to a customised plan within a fully digital service. This works in real time, meaning all changes, charges and subscriptions can be executed in seconds, and allows the main SIM owner to use the unique ‘Build Your Own Plan’ feature that is integral to this innovative new system.
Shahry Me comes loaded with fantastic entertainment including Hollywood and Bollywood movies with STARZ PLAY and ErosNow, and thousands of buy-one-get-one free offers at a wide range of leading leisure, lifestyle and dining options with the Urban Point app in Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.
Fatima Sultan Al Kuwari – Chief Consumer Officer at Ooredoo – said: “We are delighted to announce our innovative new Shahry Me online service for a truly personalised approach to controlling services and allowances. With the Shahry Me App, there are no accidental extra charges or bill shocks; everything the customer could want is in their hands, and plans can be completely tailored and customised to suit. The introduction of the Shahry Me app makes the service quick, easy and efficient to use, and allows customers to access the service at any time of day or night for absolute convenience. Complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we’re sure this unique new service will go a long way towards achieving this goal.”