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Corporate | February 25, 2019

Mobile World Congress Tie-Up Sees Ooredoo Modernise Network with Ericsson’s 5G Technology to Enhance People’s Digital Lives in Qatar

Doha, Qatar


At Mobile World Congress, two of the world’s largest digital enablers — Ooredoo and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) – today announced a partnership for making the Ooredoo Supernet fully 5G-enabled in the goal of enhancing people’s digital lives across Qatar.
Ooredoo will leverage Ericsson’s industry-leading Ericsson Radio System, 5G New Radio solutions, and 10 Gbps microwave network to fully digitally transform and modernise its existing mobile networks in order to introduce the latest 5G technologies across Qatar.
Currently, Ooredoo is in the process of preparing 1,200 network stations to be 5G-ready. Once the network stations are completed and 5G-compatible devices reach the market, Ooredoo’s 5G network will be able to provide download speeds about 100 times faster than 4G networks.
Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani, Group Chief Executive Officer, Ooredoo, said: “Our partnership with Ericsson will provide the 5G foundation for our Ooredoo Supernet to enable Qatar’s Smart Cities, digitally competitive Internet of Things industries, and immersive mega-events and virtual reality experiences. As 5G becomes mainstream across Qatar, we are dedicated to transforming industries and enhancing people’s digital lives.”
Using Ericsson’s high-speed and low-latency 5G technology, Ooredoo can meet growing data traffic demands, and deliver high-quality mobile broadband and fixed wireless experiences. Ericsson will share global best practices in its multi-standard and modular architecture that provides 5G performance with the smallest site footprint and lowest energy consumption.
Rafiah Ibrahim, Head of Market Area Middle East and Africa at Ericsson, said: “We are partnering with Ooredoo to bring our latest 5G innovation to life in their nationwide network. 5G promises to accelerate the digitization of industries, presenting Ooredoo with new opportunities and enabling them to launch the most advanced technologies while improving the end-user experience with faster speeds and lower latency.”
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