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Corporate | January 28, 2020

Initiative to Entertain and Educate All Ages on the Importance of Sustainability

Doha, Qatar
Qatar’s leading telecommunications operator announced they are Platinum Sponsor of the Eco Dome, a key feature of a major environmental event, launched on Monday 27 January 2020, and organised by Elite Paper Recycling to raise awareness of the importance of recycling within a sustainable society.
The Eco Dome is an exciting edutainment experience, designed to act as an educational tool and a communication platform for all ages but especially the younger generation who will be the environmentalists of the future.
It features a unique, state-of-the-art, high-tech 2D VR storyboard video on deforestation and the negative impact on nature and human lives, and was installed for the duration of the event.
As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, Ooredoo is promoting recycling and sustainability initiatives in line with Qatar Vision 2030.
Through the Elite Paper Recycling programme, the organisation has so far recycled more than 100,000 tonnes of paper and carton waste, which equates to saving more than 2 million trees, 30 million gallons of oil, 300 cubic yards of landfill space, 400 million kilowatts of energy and 700 million gallons of water.
Speaking of the sponsorship, Manar Khalifa Al-Muraikhi – Director PR and Corporate Communications at Ooredoo – said: “In line with Qatar National Vision 2030, Ooredoo places great emphasis on sustainability and protection of our environment. We’re committed to complete digitalisation, which will mean a huge saving in paper use and a great decrease in our carbon footprint. We’re delighted to be working with Elite Paper Recycling on this amazing initiative and are confident the Eco Dome will be a great way for us to spread the message that sustainability is crucial for our future.”