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Corporate | August 22, 2021

Afkaar Event Held with Expert Speaker from Doha International Family Institute


Doha, Qatar


Qatar’s leading telecommunications operator has announced it held a knowledge-sharing event, focusing on the benefits of a good work/life balance for both employees and organisations, with an expert speaker from Doha International Family Institute.

Held recently at Ooredoo Towers, the event was the latest in a series of events organised as part of Afkaar, Ooredoo’s knowledge-sharing platform whereby its management, HR department, and employees share and discuss ideas that can create products, processes and even work cultures.

In alignment with many large corporations around the world, Ooredoo considers work/life balance an important current topic, including issues such as fixed duty hours, physical presence in the office, flexibility and childcare.

The event – delivered in line with Organisational Health Index (OHI) initiatives announced by Ooredoo CEO Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani – focused on the benefits of a good work/life balance for both employees and the organisation, and offered the opportunity to explore ways to achieve such a balance without compromising either work or family commitments.

At the beginning of the event, Jamal Jassim Marafi welcomed, on behalf of Ooredoo’s Chief Human Resources Officer, the expert speaker Mr. Ahmed M. Aref, Content and Planning Manager at Doha International Family Institute, and all the participants in this event, and explained how important it is to discuss achieving balance between work and personal life for employees and organisations.

In his intervention, Mr. Aref presented to the event attendees his findings on the contribution of social policies in achieving work family balance.

Following the presentation of Mr Aref’s research, Ooredoo employees discussed ideas for implementation of suggestions to enable the achievement of a good work/life balance.

Sabah Rabiah Al-Kuwari – Director PR at Ooredoo – said: “Ensuring everyone is able to effectively balance work and other elements of their lives can only be of benefit to both our employees and our organisation. Organisational health is a major focus for us, as part of our strategic commitment to ensuring our corporate culture enables a more innovative, forward-thinking working environment, and we’re delighted to be taking proactive steps to ensure this health. We extend our thanks to Doha International Family Institute for their cooperation and and to Mr Aref for his valuable contributions, and look forward to the next Afkaar event.”