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Corporate | March 3, 2020

Upgraded Network to Provide Smoother, Faster 5G Coverage for Qatar and Streamlined Operations for Ooredoo

3 / 3 / 2020
Doha, Qatar
Qatar’s leading telecommunications operator has announced a milestone in its network modernisation programme, with the successful deployment of Ericsson’s Spectrum Sharing technology.
Ooredoo is the first in the Middle East region – and one of only three operators worldwide – to deploy the revolutionary Ericsson Spectrum Sharing technology on its network in Doha, as part of a modernisation programme designed to enhance the ongoing development of full nationwide 5G coverage and to ensure progress is smooth, efficient and adaptable.
Ooredoo was the first in the world to launch a commercial 5G network in 2018, as well as test 5G use cases in 2019, and continues its pioneering progress with the deployment of Ericsson’s revolutionary technology.
Critical to the provision of high-speed, reliable internet for Qatari citizens and residents is the ability for Ooredoo to run its traffic on 4G and 5G simultaneously on the same frequency band and radio hardware, which is made possible by the Ericsson Spectrum Sharing technology, a key part of Ericsson’s 5G platform.
The vastly enhanced capabilities of Ooredoo’s 5G network will accelerate the digitalisation of industries, generating new opportunities and enabling the launch and deployment of new, advanced technologies. User experience will also vastly improve, with significantly higher speeds and higher-capacity services.
From an operations perspective, the collaboration with technology leader Ericsson enables smoother management of data traffic for Ooredoo, alongside simplification of network operations.