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Business | August 10, 2021

New Whitepaper Assesses Opportunities and Threats Across IoT Sector

Doha, Qatar

Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading communications company, has evaluated the state of the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace amid the challenges facing enterprises today. A newly published report pinpoints the importance of both devices and operational support to this sector’s continued success.

While a vast number of enterprises today deploy the IoT, guidance is often needed when considering solutions. Ooredoo seeks to clarify the benefits of managed services when IoT is becoming regarded as a basic digital transformation requirement, increasing internal operational efficiency. A key prediction in the Ooredoo whitepaper, Device and Operational Support: The Overlooked Components for Successful IoT Deployment, is that it will play a crucial role in enhancing products, solutions and customer engagement while pioneering the creation of top-line revenue streams such as digital services.

However, since the birth of this technology, many companies have developed their systems on an ad-hoc basis (what the whitepaper calls ‘DIY IoT’). In response to the potential drawbacks of this approach, Ooredoo encourages a shift to a managed end-to-end IoT service. Under a Managed IoT regime, the twin roles of devices and operational support to ensure positive business outcomes are crucial. Ooredoo’s secure and reliable networks and experience in provisioning single parts and assembling holistic systems alike, allow for the meeting of business needs through an IoT portfolio including IoT Connect, as well as vertical-specific solutions such as Asset Management, Waste Management, Industrial Metering and Fleet Management.

Thani Al Malki, Executive Director Business at Ooredoo, said: “Many enterprises today are seeing limited business outcomes and lower return on investment from their IoT deployments. Since every component in a Managed IoT service – modules, network, platform, cloud, security and professional services – matters equally for success, Ooredoo’s expertise makes us the ideal partner for your entry to the Internet of Things.”

Ooredoo invites all businesses currently deploying or considering deploying the IoT to read the new whitepaper and act on its conclusions.

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