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Business | October 28, 2019

Google Apigee Platform Allows Organisations and App Developers to Create New Customer-Centric Business Services and Solutions

Doha, Qatar

Ooredoo, the region’s leading enabler of digital business innovation, is launching today at QITCOM the Ooredoo Life Marketplace, providing developers with Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to create new and innovative business services and solutions.

Ooredoo Life Marketplace is a one-stop-shop that provides APIs, small information components, for everyone in Qatar – from students to large corporations. Ooredoo’s data and services can help to enhance or develop new digital customer-centric services.

For example, Qatar’s organisations can enhance customers’ purchasing convenience by paying via Ooredoo bill. Organisations can use Ooredoo SMS to send customer SMS, check business contact information, and advertise on high-traffic platforms such as Ooredoo Sports.

Ooredoo Qatar’s Chief Operating Officer, Yousuf Abdulla Al Kubaisi, said: “Our launch of the Ooredoo Life Marketplace supports Qatar’s nationwide digital transformation and aims to improve digital accessibility for everyone in Qatar. Organisations, app developers, and individuals can use the Ooredoo Life Marketplace to transform digital businesses and deliver state-of-the-art experiences for their customers.”

On the Ooredoo Life Marketplace, business customers can also see available and upcoming APIs, check the latest technology trends, and gain insights on enhancing or creating new apps. To register for the Ooredoo Life Marketplace, users can visit .

Ooredoo Life Marketplace runs on the Google Apigee platform, part of Google Cloud, which helps leading organisations to design, secure, and scale APIs.

QITCOM attendees can visit the Ooredoo pavilion, under the theme “Safe Smart Cities,” at QITCOM in Hall number 7, booth number A&B 12, at the Qatar National Convention Centre from 29 October – 1 November.

Business customers can leverage the Ooredoo Advantage, making Ooredoo “Best for Business”, thanks to its breadth and depth of talent, best fixed and mobile networks, broadest portfolio of ICT services and solutions, and trusted partner for 60 years.