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Business | November 16, 2020

Substantial Benefits to Enterprises Joining Most Modern Network

Ooredoo Qatar has announced its commitment to further empowering customers wishing to take their businesses digital. Businesses currently using copper cabling for their internet services are being encouraged to move to fibre services, allowing them to enjoy high-speed broadband services that can be up to 1000 times faster than their current speeds.
Copper to fibre migration brings the benefits of high-speed internet to customers who switch network. Ooredoo is currently taking care of all the migration technicalities and will contact such customers to explain and expedite the process, helping business customers to exit the copper network satisfactorily, by setting up scheduled appointments.
Services delivered over fibre offer extra value such as more landline minutes, superfast internet speeds with a wide range of free VAS and free Ooredoo tv Business with Business Broadband.
Ooredoo is committed to supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030, in providing top quality digital services over a modern network to achieve 100% fibre network coverage.
Many best-in-class business services are now available exclusively on fibre.
Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani, Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo, said: “In the background to this initiative – with a majority of our customers already using fibre – Ooredoo is working day and night to upgrade our network, in order to migrate customers from copper to fibre infrastructure. This process is a large project which will take a significant amount of time to complete, but we are moving in stages to achieve our ultimate goal of a 100% fibre network in order to upgrade service provision and enhance customer experience for all our business customers.”
Presently, a business customer’s digital journey is further accelerated by the provision of a free domain name, free web-space, Smart Wi-Fi and discounted Office 365 for business broadband customers. High speeds, coupled with the collaboration tools available with Office 365, take productivity to the next level. Migration to fibre offers Ooredoo customers who are currently on single play an option to add seamlessly both broadband and Ooredoo tv Business in the future.
Business customers can leverage the Ooredoo Advantage, making Ooredoo ‘Best for Business’, thanks to its breadth and depth of talent, best fixed and mobile networks, broadest portfolio of ICT services and solutions, and trusted partner for 60 years.