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Great news for our Ooredoo Money customers!

We’ve just added a Domestic Workers Salary Payment feature to our Ooredoo Money app, providing you with a quick, easy and reliable way to pay salaries to domestic workers.

To make tracking easy, complete digital record of every salary payment with option to download salary payment certificate or email to anyone directly from the app is available.

The new service – accessible through the Ooredoo Money mWallet – allows you to register domestic workers on your Ooredoo Money app, add funds to your mWallet and then pay your domestic workers, either as a single transaction or as a scheduled regular transaction.

To use the Domestic Workers Salary feature, you’ll need to navigate to the Domestic Workers Salary Payment feature on you app, then choose from the sub-options in order to add a domestic worker, edit or delete a domestic worker, schedule a salary payment or pay a salary.

To add a beneficiary, you’ll simply need your domestic worker’s wallet number, passport or QID number and the amount of their salary. Once the salary is paid, either as a single transaction or as a recurring scheduled transaction, both the customer and the domestic worker will receive an SMS confirmation.

Fees for salary payments are just QR10 and, to ensure you can keep track of salary payments, an option to receive a salary credit history via email is available.

To celebrate the launch of the new service, we’re offering a special incentive; pay a salary via your mWallet and you’ll get 100 Nojoom points for every salary payment to any domestic worker.

You can access the new Domestic Workers Salary Payment service via your Ooredoo Money app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play. Wallet to wallet transfer limits will apply for all transfers.

Limits for wallet-to-wallet transfers also apply to domestic workers salary payments.

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