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Ooredoo Money

Ooredoo Money

Application Form

Ooredoo Money

Application Form

Instructions: Please complete sections all using BLOCK LETTERS(in English) and show originals of ID documents where requested

Section 1 - Customer Information

All CUSTOMERS must provide a valid copy of their QID/Passport, Visa and first entry stamp to Qatar

Fields marked with (1) are mandatory for passport customers

Section 2 - Sign up for Ooredoo Money(OM)

Fields marked with * are mandatory

Section 3 - Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge the receipt of Ooredoo Money Terms and Conditions, additional copies of the Terms and Conditions can be found at

I agree that by signing up to the service I will be bound by the Terms and Conditions governing them. The information provided by me is true and correct


Signature of Applicant
For Official Use