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About “Nojoom Treasure Hunt”

General conditions

The organiser of the programme: "Ooredoo"

Ooredoo Sh.M.A.

Legal Address: Ooredoo Tower, West Bay Area, P.B. 217, Doha, Qatar

Location: Qatar

Ooredoo Qatar customers who are part of the Nojoom Loyalty Programme can join the Nojoom Treasure Hunt game at Doha Festival City, which allows the member to win Nojoom Points and partner vouchers. Customers can participate once for each mobile number, during the whole period of the game.

To participate in the Nojoom Treasure Hunt, they must first register for the game via the Ooredoo Nation app or website Nojoom membership will be validated via a One-Time PIN.

The game is available at Doha Festival City mall only and players must be physically present at the venue to play.

The right to use the software

All who reside in Qatar on a permanent basis, are at least 18 years of age and are Ooredoo affiliates (either through prepaid services or a payment package), can use this programme. The participant shall be liable to Ooredoo for all these uses.

Use of the software

Players can register for the game via the Ooredoo Nation app or website Nojoom membership will be validated via a One-Time PIN.
After registering through Ooredoo Nation and successful validation of Nojoom membership, the subscriber will be given the opportunity to play the Nojoom Treasure Hunt and win Nojoom Points or partner vouchers.

Duration of the programme

The duration of the programme is from 4 to 18 October 2022. Ooredoo can terminate the programme before this date at any time with written notice (SMS) or any appropriate manner if faced with circumstances beyond Ooredoo's control, after obtaining the approval of the relevant ministry.

Intellectual property rights

The overall content of the programme and website is protected by intellectual property rights. It is exclusively for the use of Ooredoo and/or Ooredoo partners, and falls under national and/or international legislation. Ooredoo reserves its legal right to protect content from any violation or misuse.

Providing information on access and withdrawal

All information for Ooredoo competition participants regarding the programme should be posted on the main website
Once Nojoom Treasure Hunt finishes, Ooredoo will post a message about its completion on official channels, primarily
The interruption or early termination of Nojoom Treasure Hunt by Ooredoo does not exempt the organiser from its obligation to provide vouchers granted by interruption or termination, except in cases where Nojoom Treasure Hunt is terminated or discontinued due to actions or events beyond Ooredoo’s control.
Ooredoo does not have to engage in any written negotiations or contact participants in Nojoom Treasure Hunt other than these terms and conditions or in accordance with the legislative requirements in force in Qatar .

How to participate in Nojoom Treasure Hunt: Programme Mechanism

To participate in Nojoom Treasure Hunt, below terms and conditions must be noted:

Disclaimer of guarantees

Participants understand and agree to participate in Nojoom Treasure Hunt at their own risk and of their own volition. They will not have been coerced in any way to enter Nojoom Treasure Hunt, including coercion by Ooredoo itself.

Ooredoo is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software failure of any email or entry if faced by circumstances beyond Ooredoo's control.


Data protection and advertising

Personal data on voice, image, name, address or any other information related to Ooredoo's data platform will be classified as a data controller. This means that it can be used to invite participation in Nojoom Treasure Hunt — as well as advertising mail, or for other purposes related to Ooredoo services — unless otherwise stated.

The regulator may disclose personal data to third parties in relation to the purposes contained in the terms and conditions in accordance with the Personal Data Privacy Protection Act No. 13 of 2016, but personal data must be kept confidential in any other matters.     

Participants also agree that any information or statistics that can be obtained through Nojoom Treasure Hunt, in relation to personal data, can be used by Ooredoo for reasonable purposes and in accordance with the law.

Once the programme is joined, participants agree to use and disclose their personal data in accordance with the above law. However, participants should be aware that any deletion of their personal data or withdrawal of prior consent to the use or disclosure of such personal data may affect their ability to use the software and their eligibility for any vouchers.

If the subscriber wins the vouchers, the subscriber agrees to announce his/her name and the last four (4) numbers of the mobile number through which he/she subscribed, for media purposes only.


Force Majeure

Force Majeure means any circumstance beyond the control of reasonable parties, including but not limited to: a. war and other hostilities (whether or not war is declared), invasion, acts of external enemies, war preparations (a state of alert), internet failure, confiscation or prohibition; b. ionising radiation or radioactive contamination from any nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste resulting from the combustion of nuclear fuel and radioactive toxic explosives, or other dangerous properties of any nuclear explosion or nuclear components. A. Rebellion and revolution, insurrection, military power or usurped power and civil war; riots, unrest.

Ooredoo is not considered to be in default or in breach of its terms and conditions in the event of an outage due to force majeure.

In the event of force majeure that may affect performance, Ooredoo will immediately notify participants in Nojoom Treasure Hunt.


Applicable law

In the event of any disagreement between the participants on the one hand and Ooredoo on the other hand, the parties seek to resolve the dispute between them amicably and in the event that the parties fail to resolve the dispute, Qatari law is the applicable law and the Qatari courts are the jurisdiction.