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Connect and enjoy the power of digital freedom, available for both prepaid and postpaid plans. eSIM allows you to link multiple numbers to a single device to experience more digital convenience. Travel smarter, stay connected globally with international data plans, and get your eSIM even before take-off. Discover the simplicity, flexibility, and convenience of an eSIM with Ooredoo.

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Why get an eSIM?

1 Device, Multiple Numbers

One Device, Multiple Numbers

Easily toggle between work, personal, or international numbers on the same device.

Keep Your Number

Keep Your Number

Convert your existing number to an eSIM online.

Instant Access

Instant Access

No need to wait for delivery or go to the shops. Purchase and activate your eSIM online.

Network of Champions

Network of Champions

Stay connected with the widest network of coverage in Qatar.

How eSIM Works
How it works

Getting started with Ooredoo eSIM is simple. Activate online now!
It’s as easy as…

  • Check your device compatibility by clicking here

  • Choose your preferred plan from the list available here

  • And activate your eSIM via the QR code received by email!

Will an eSIM work with my device?

Use your Ooredoo eSIM with a compatible smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch. All major device manufacturers offer eSIM functionality on their latest models. Check if your device is on the list below, or visit our eShop to treat yourself to an eSIM-compatible device today!

Check device compatibility

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Check-out exciting plans

Shahry+ Active

  • 10 GB + 5GB Local Data
  • 500 minutes Local calls & SMS
  • Up to 200 mins International calls
  • WhatsApp data included
Entertainment Benefits
QR120 /month

Shahry+ Max

  • 28 GB + 14GB Local Data
  • 700 minutes Local calls & SMS
  • Up to 200 mins International calls
  • WhatsApp data included
Entertainment Benefits
QR160 /month

Hala Prepaid SIM

  • Free same day delivery
  • recharge what you need
  • more ways to pay
  • easy to activate e-SIM

Hala Super Recharge 65

  • 10 GB +800 MB Local Data
  • 240 min +24 Local Minutes
  • 20 International Minutes
  • 30 days validity
Convert your current Ooredoo number to eSIM

Convert your current Ooredoo number to eSIM.

Keep your number and switch to eSIM—it’s quick and easy to do!
Follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Account
  • Go to Services
  • Open SIM Management
  • Select SIM Swap
  • Choose the physical number you want to convert to eSim
  • Read the instructions and agree to the T&Cs
  • You will see the QR code and/or be able to activate the eSiM directly on your phone


Discover our eSIM FAQs and find out more through our Help Centre.


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