Endless Internet Packs

Endless Internet Packs

We’ve reinvented the way you buy data in Qatar!

Ground-breaking features that will allow you to enjoy never-ending local data services with full bill protection and minimised data prices!

Bill Protection

No More Extra Charges with our new Endless Internet Packs!

Exclusively for Shahry customers, you can now enjoy your internet pack allowance with a super-fast 4G+ connection and once your pack is consumed, you’ll be able to continue using the internet at a lower 2G speed until your monthly allowance is renewed.

Unlimited has a fair usage policy.

Experience a never-ending internet connection:

Send the activation code by SMS to 114


Activation Code DP20

QR 20


Activation Code DP70

QR 70



Activation Code DP110

QR 110


Activation Code DP150

QR 150


Activation Code DP200

QR 200


Activation Code DP250

QR 250


Activation Code DP350

QR 350


Activation Code DP500

QR 500


“Choose one of our Endless Internet Packs as an add-on to your existing Shahry Plans.”


To activate your selected Internet Pack as an add-on to an existing Shahry Plans,use Ooredoo App, or SMS the activation code to 114.

Check Balance:

Customers can check their Internet Pack balance by using the Ooredoo App or by sending ‘BAL DP’ to 114


To cancel your Internet Pack subscription, SMS ‘Stop DP’ to 114.

Terms & Conditions

Need your high-speed connection back?

We’ve got a special rated Speed Booster for you!

If you want to restore your speed before your monthly allowance is renewed, you can add:

  • To activate your selected Speed Booster, Please send the activation code to 114.

  • To deactivate your speed Booster Pack, Send STOP SB to 114.

*Note: Speed boosters will not be refunded once deactivated.

Or Alternatively

You can top-up with one of our Data Recharge Cards to get your Speed Back!

Available for Shahry customers.

Check our Data Recharge cards

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