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Shahry Calling Services

My Smart Menu

Manage and control your mobile services with the My Smart Menu. Just dial *100# now to access features including our new 'Who Called Plus' service which lets you divert missed call alerts and set customised messages when you are unavailable.

My Smart Menu is:

Easy to use
Available around the world 24/7
Compatible with all phones
Available in English and Arabic!
  • A soft 'beep' notifies you of another incoming call, and caller's number or name. You then have the option to put the current caller on hold and take the incoming call or make another outgoing call at the same time as keeping the other caller on hold.

  • To activate Call Waiting press: *43# Call Button call /OK.

  • To cancel Call waiting press: *43# Call Button call /OK.

  • To receive a second incoming call, press OK.

This lets you select and bar outgoing international calls through the use of your own secret password.

Call 111 or visit any Ooredoo Shop to activate this service and to receive your password. A monthly fee of QR15 is payable for this feature.

Send pictures and video clips around the world. Consult your handset User Guide or phone menu. Remember to include + or 00 if sending an MMS abroad.

If someone calls you when your mobile is turned-off, busy or out of coverage, you will receive a text message (SMS) indicating the number of the person who called you and the time they called.

Divert your calls to 122.

This pre-activated feature lets you know who is calling you at no charge.

  • Conference Call lets you talk with up to five other family members, friends or business colleagues at the same time.
  • Dial the first number and put on hold. Repeat process and add up-to 5 people.
  • Just select the 'Conference Call' option from your handset menu, if available.
  • Standard Shahry call charges apply for each call connected into the conference.

If you and your friend have video-calling supported phones, you can see and talk to each other on your handsets. Select the video call option from your handset menu and then make your call. Make sure the 3G/4G icon shows on your handset screen.

Ooredoo Voicemail for all !

Everyone in Qatar can now ‘leave a message after the beep’ thanks to the Ooredoo voicemail service.

Every Ooredoo customer will now have a free voicemail account, which enables your callers to leave a message for you when you don’t answer the phone, are busy, or not reachable.

The service is available in English and Arabic, and you can change your preferred language by dialling *100*1# and select “change language”.

To listen to your voicemail messages, dial 123 from your mobile phone.

The price to leave a voicemail message will be charged per minute, based on your Hala Smart or Shahry plan, or the local out-of-bundle rates if you are not currently subscribed to a Hala or Shahry pack.

There will be no charge for listening to your voicemail messages in Qatar, but when leaving or listening to a message abroad, costs will be based on the roaming call rate of each country, or will be deducted from your Ooredoo Passport allowance.

To deactivate the voicemail service at any time dial *100*400# and deactivate.

This pre-activated feature diverts your phone to another mobile or landline number so you never miss a call. Your handset phone menu will guide you through set-up.

There is no fee for this feature but you will have to pay the prevailing rates for forwarded calls.

  • Credit Transfer lets you send call credit and validity extension to a Hala customer. Both you and the recipient will get a confirmation message that the transaction has been successful.
  • To send credit, simply dial *130* Recipient number *Amount#.
  • A small fee of QR 1 is applied to this option.
  • Shahry customers need to activate their credit transfer feature by calling 111.
  • The easiest way to send Credit back home.
  • Ooredoo's International Top-Up (ITU) service is a useful, fast and easy way to send a gift to friends and family back home. Quite simply, you send credit from your Shahry account here in Qatar directly to a mobile number in another country.
  • Our service reaches out to India, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Sri Lanka and many more countries connecting with a number of different local operators.
  • For more details on service click here.

Send a short message to other mobile phones around the world with SMS.

Remember to include + or 00 if sending an SMS abroad.