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Please read this Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Statement before accessing or using this Ooredoo website

Legal Disclaimer


The Ooredoo website (the website) is an information portal provided by Ooredoo. Ooredoo welcomes you on this website. Please read the present legal disclaimer. By continuing to view the pages of this website, you do acknowledge that you did read and accept the present disclaimer. If you do not want to accept the legal disclaimer and/or the privacy policy, you should leave the website. You also acknowledge and agree that you only are allowed to visit and use the website by strictly following the rules described in this legal disclaimer.

If you do not respect the legal disclaimer and/or the privacy policy Ooredoo may block your access to the website and take any future action considered as appropriate. Ooredoo may change this legal disclaimer and/or privacy policy from time to time, and these modifications will be effective immediately after they will be online. You agree to read the present Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy periodically to be aware of any change in the wording of the present document. You agree to be systematically bound by the latest version of the present legal disclaimer and privacy policy.

All trademarks used in the website are the sole property of Ooredoo.


The information available on this website is based on information provided by Ooredoo (unless otherwise specified) and is only for information purpose. This information contains details about Ooredoo services, press releases, press clipping, annual and quarterly reports, human resources and job availabilities, products and services, promotions, etc. Ooredoo will keep this information as timely and accurate as possible. While every effort will be made to present only accurate information, errors and omission may occur. If errors are brought to Ooredoo's attention, Ooredoo will try to correct them. However, Ooredoo does not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss that will result directly or indirectly from any information whatsoever even if it is based on an error or an omission that is contained on the website. Every information on this website is of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity, is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date and sometimes linked to external sites over which Ooredoo has no control and for which Ooredoo assumes no responsibility. The information on the website will change from time to time without notice, even concerning products, services, promotion, etc.


You acknowledge and agree that you may not have access to certain part of the website if your computer does not include the appropriate technology. You acknowledge and agree that the access of the website or to a certain area of the website may be restricted to Ooredoo customers. The access to the website is currently free. Nevertheless, Ooredoo reserves the right to charge for access to some area of the website. Users will be duly informed before entering any part for which payment will be requested. Specific Terms and Conditions may be applicable for these pay per use services


Ooredoo reserves the rights to change, adapt, and adjust any price of products and services described on the website without any prior notification. You acknowledge and agree that the prices may change from time to time, and you realise that to be sure to know the latest and correct price you have to contact our commercial department or one of our stores. You also acknowledge and agree that Ooredoo will not be under any responsibility whatsoever concerning any direct or indirect loss or damage that may happen, due to negligence or otherwise, following the use of any price showed on the website.


The financial information provided on this website is for historical information only. This financial information is valid only on the very moment of its publication on the website. Ooredoo has no obligation to update, to revise or to adapt such information even if this financial information did change after its publication on this website.

No decision could be taken by any visitor based on Ooredoo share value or on any financial information as they appear on the website. Ooredoo shareholders and any interested third party should consider the share value, which appears on the website as a historical information only. Ooredoo will not have any responsibility whatsoever concerning any decision taken by any shareholder or third party concerning Ooredoo share value, whether this decision is based on the information on the website or not. Readers are advised to look at the appropriate permanently updated information published by the official stock market authorities under their responsibility.


Ooredoo is the sole owner of all copyright and other intellectual property rights (Trademarks, patents, etc.) of every element of the website. Every element of the website is protected by copyright unless expressively stated. No copy of any element of the website could be copied or distributed for any purpose without Ooredoo express authorization.


Any external website may create a link to the website provided that Ooredoo is previously informed and did not object. Ooredoo does not have to justify the reason in the case of a refusal to link to this website. If you want to create a link to the website from your website, please contact us beforehand. In any case only links to the website home page will be accepted. Any deep linking is strictly forbidden.


Some hyperlink to third parties’ websites may exist on the website for information only. Ooredoo is and will be not responsible for any content of these websites. The presence of any hyperlink does not constitute any endorsement of the content of the website and does not mean that Ooredoo made any audit, verification, or an investigation of the content of these websites.


Ooredoo does not control, accept or refuse any content you could access by surfing the Internet. You will be solely responsible for any use of the Internet: access to content, buying and selling, exchanging emails, use of personal data, illegal content…etc. You are aware that some websites do show some sexual, political, religious..., etc. contents that could be offensive for you. Your access to those websites is at your own risks. Ooredoo cannot technically control the Internet and will not accept any responsibility for such harmful material.

You are aware that the Internet is not a fully secure environment and that downloading some files or programmes could infect your hardware and/or software. Ooredoo does not give any guarantee for the files and programmes available on the Internet and, in particular, does not accept any liability concerning any virus, worm, trojan horse, etc. that exist on the Internet and could affect your computer environment. You are the solely responsible for the security of your access, and you are aware that you have to implement some security measures like firewalls, anti-virus software, backup, etc. that you may consider appropriate. You also acknowledge and agree that Ooredoo will not be under any responsibility whatsoever concerning any direct or indirect loss or damage that may happen, following your connection to the Internet, or any transaction, download, transfer of data, etc. that you could do by using the Internet.

Ooredoo does not warrant that the access to the Internet will be permanent, or never interrupted, or without any defect or errors. You also acknowledge and agree that Ooredoo will not be under any responsibility whatsoever concerning any direct or indirect loss or damage that may happen, following any interruption of your connection to the Internet, or to any transaction, download, transfer of data, etc.


Ooredoo shall not be liable for any breach of its services and in particular this disclaimer or the privacy policy due to any reason beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to Act of God, War, terrorism, weather conditions, act of any government, or other telecom operator, or any other party for whom Ooredoo assume no responsibility.


The website is governed only by the laws of Qatar.


In the case of any dispute, the courts of Qatar will be the sole competent courts.