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Business | August 6, 2023

Ooredoo Offers Business Customers Sustainable New Way to Upgrade Waste Management

Doha, Qatar

Ooredoo – a leading provider of ICT solutions in Qatar – has announced the launch of a new solution to enable its business customers to manage their waste in a smart, cost-effective and sustainable way.

The new Ooredoo Business Smart Waste Management solution, which operates via Internet of Things, offers a comprehensive way to monitor and control waste management in order to optimise operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The solution features sensors fitted to each waste receptacle, which allow real-time visibility of operations including bin fill levels and motion and tilt, motion and fire detection alarms. A unified intuitive dashboard enables monitoring and optimisation of collection routes, allowing for a reduction in operating costs.

The self-powered sensors, fitted with long-life batteries, use wireless NB-IoT connectivity connected to the superfast Ooredoo network.

Thani Al Malki, Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo, said: “We have a strategic commitment to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in parallel, to supporting our country in its drive to achieve the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, one of which is complete digitalisation. Leveraging our many partnerships with world-leading technology providers enables us to offer ever more innovative solutions to our customers, upgrading their worlds and consolidating our position as a market leader in IoT and digitalisation.”

Key features of the solution include real-time waste receptacle fill level tracking; fire, relocation and tilting alarms; rich data insights and analytics; and a unified, intuitive dashboard from which to manage waste operations. Benefits include the ability to optimise waste route collection; enhance decision-making; predictive and preventive maintenance; reduced manual activities and human interaction; enhanced safety and security; and enhanced resource utilisation.

Two packages – Standard and Advanced – allow customers to choose the features that suit their business and its needs. Standard packages include basic fill detection level for standard waste receptacles of less than 4m width, fire detection alarm and tilt and motion detection alarm. Advanced packages also include fill detection level up to 15m width waste receptacles, as well as 3D visualisation of waste fill level and higher IP rating.