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Corporate | June 11, 2024

Ooredoo and Alfardan Group Sign Strategic Agreement to Enhance Connectivity and Drive Innovation in Qatar

Collaboration Between Two National Industry Leaders to Bring Advanced 5G Solutions and Wi-Fi Enhancements to Properties and Worksites Across the Country.

Doha, Qatar.

Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading telecommunications operator, and Alfardan Group LLC, a premier family-owned conglomerate, have signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to upgrade connectivity and enhance technological infrastructure in Qatar. The signing ceremony, held at the iconic Alfardan Towers, marked a significant milestone in the partnership between two national industry pioneers committed to driving innovation and economic development in the region.

The MoU, signed by Sheikh Ali bin Jabor Al Thani, CEO of Ooredoo Qatar, and Mr. Omar Hussain Alfardan, President and CEO of Alfardan Group, focuses on delivering Ooredoo’s advanced 5G solutions and providing the latest in Wi-Fi technology for Alfardan properties and worksites. The agreement includes upgrading the existing indoor cellular network in several Alfardan Group buildings, such as the Alfardan Towers, Burj Al Gassar, Burj Al Fardan in Lusail, and Alfardan Center on Bank Street, by adding a 5G active layer. This enhancement will provide seamless and high-speed connectivity to support the advanced technological needs of these prestigious properties.

Ooredoo will also deploy a campus-wide Wi-Fi network that meets Telco-grade infrastructure standards across many of Alfardan Group’s other properties and worksites. This network will ensure transparent operations and management, adhere to Qatar’s regulatory requirements, and provide reliable connectivity to all users.

Sheikh Ali bin Jabor Al Thani, CEO of Ooredoo Qatar, commented, “We are excited to partner with Alfardan Group, a prestigious name in Qatar’s business landscape. This collaboration will not only enhance connectivity and technological capabilities across their properties but also contribute significantly to Qatar’s digital transformation. Our advanced 5G solutions and robust Wi-Fi infrastructure will provide unparalleled benefits to Alfardan Group, supporting their commitment to excellence and innovation.”

Mr. Omar Hussain Alfardan, President and CEO of Alfardan Group, added, “Our partnership with Ooredoo aligns perfectly with our vision to integrate cutting-edge technology into our operations, ensuring the highest standards of service and efficiency. By upgrading our network with Ooredoo’s solutions and comprehensive coverage, we are poised to deliver even greater value to our clients and stakeholders, reinforcing our position as industry leaders committed to our nation’s growth and development.”

The MoU signifies a joint commitment to driving digital empowerment and economic diversification in Qatar, leveraging Ooredoo’s advanced solutions and infrastructure to elevate the technological capabilities of Alfardan Group’s diverse portfolio.