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Corporate | February 18, 2024

Doha Marathon by Ooredoo Celebrates Record-Breaking Participation, with 13,000 Racers and Announces Winners

Sheikh Ali bin Jabor bin Mohammad Al Thani: “We are delighted with how this event turned out and the community’s response and participation”.

Mohammed Issa Al Fadala: “It is one of the largest races in Qatar and the world”.

Largest National Marathon in History Brings the Community Together in a Celebration of Qatar’s Sporting Spirit

Doha, Qatar

The Doha Marathon by Ooredoo, a hallmark event in Qatar’s sporting calendar and a World Athletics Gold Label-Accredited race, has successfully crossed the finish line, setting new records in participation and community engagement, and nearly doubling the number of entrants from 2023. Over 13,000 runners from 124 countries and thousands of supporters came together to create an unforgettable day of sportsmanship, unity, and athletic achievement.

This year’s marathon, renowned for its inclusiveness and celebration of sportsmanship, saw participants from across the globe competing in a range of distances, including an elite group of international runners such as Mohcine Outalha—the reigning 2023 Doha Marathon Champion—from Morocco, Awet Habte from Eritrea, Rebecca Cheptegei from Uganda, and Rose Chelimo from Kenya.

Distances included the Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10KM, 5KM, Junior 5KM for teenagers, and Kids 1KM races, with over 1,000 participants also joining in on the fun virtually. Each race was designed to accommodate runners of all abilities, emphasising the event’s commitment to fostering a love for physical activity among people of all ages.

The winners of the marathon categories, who have set new benchmarks in their respective races, are as follows:

  • Full Marathon (42.2KM): Solomon Mutai triumphed with a stellar time of 02:12:48, showcasing exceptional endurance and speed, and in the female’s category, Valary Jemeli crossed the finish line in 02:23:38.
  • Half Marathon (21.1KM): Osama Zadzer emerged victorious, completing the race in 01:09:29, reflecting remarkable determination and agility, while Mary Nyawira Nganga led the female’s category, finishing the race in 01:26:31.
  • 10KM Race: Muhyadin Elmi Ismail led the pack in the male’s category, finishing in 00:29:42, demonstrating both tactical running and sheer tenacity, and in the female’s category, Samantha Morales crossed the 10km line in 01:26:21.
  • 5KM Race: Mohammed Rageh won in the male’s category, with a time of 00:15:15, highlighting the spirit of fast-paced and competitive running, while Rebecca Hartman led in the female’s category, finishing the race in 00:36:08.
  • Junior 5KM (13–17-year-olds): Hamse Haibe Adam shone brightly, finishing in 00:15:05, inspiring his young peers with their performance, while Aoife Glasswell led the female’s category, completing the race in 00:22:05.
  • Fun Run (Under 13-year-olds): The future of athletics was on display as Taha Yessine Bhara crossed the finish line in 00:03:10, becoming the youngest of champions, and in the female’s category, Amy Alberts won, finishing the race in 00:03:20.
  • Al-ADAAM Category: Abdulla Fahad Al-Zarra crossed the finish line of the males’ full marathon in 02:47:04, while Lolwa Al-Marri completed the females’ full marathon in 04:34:50. Khalifa Jumah Saeed finished the males’ half marathon in 01:16:46, while Noor Al- Jaber completed the females’ half marathon in 01:49:16. In other categories, Abdulla Al Fadala finished the males’ 10KM race in 00:37:47, and Moza Alkuwari completed the females’ same race in 01:09:19. Abdulrahman Bajaidah crossed the finish line in the males’ 5KM race in 00:17:36, which Hessa Naaser Almohannadi completed in 00:30:28 in the females’ section, and Ibrahim Alneama completed the males’ fun run in 00:03:49, which Shaikha Al-Tamimi completed in 00:03:27, in the females’ category of the same race.

Reflecting on the marathon’s success, Sheikh Ali Bin Jabor Bin Mohammad Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer at Ooredoo Qatar, remarked: “The Doha Marathon by Ooredoo has once again surpassed expectations, uniting athletes and supporters in a celebration of health, endurance, and community. We’re incredibly proud of each participant’s achievements and the collective spirit of this event. Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone involved, from the athletes and volunteers to the thousands of supporters who cheered them on. Together, we’ve made this day a landmark event for Qatar’s community.”

Mohammed Issa Al Fadala, President of the Qatar Athletics Federation, thanked Ooredoo for hosting such a successful event, which he said continues to improve year after year, and added that the Qatar Olympic Committee has always highly supported this event, which became key in Qatar’s sporting and community calendar, and an important tool to encourage residents to remain active. Al Fadala also commented on the new route, which he said was well studied, and praised the significant participation from international runners and their achievements, which he said reiterates the importance of the marathon as one of the largest races in the region and the world.

Speaking to media following his win, Elite runner Solomon Mutai was visibly joyful, stating: “The race was successful, and the organisation was wonderful. The most important thing to me was to win the race without aiming for a better time, and I am happy with the win.”

As for the first-place winner in the women’s category, Kenyan runner Valary Jemeli, said: “The race was good, and this was the first time I participated in a long time. I am happy with the wonderful atmosphere and organisation, and I hope to return here again.”

In addition to the athletic achievements, the marathon underscored Ooredoo’s commitment to social responsibility, with parts of the proceeds dedicated to supporting local charities across Qatar. The event also highlighted inclusivity, welcoming competitors with disabilities and celebrating local talent through the Al-ADAAM Category in partnership with the Social & Sport Contribution Fund (DAAM).

The Doha Marathon by Ooredoo not only celebrated winners but also the enduring spirit of the Qatari community, the joy of participation, and the shared commitment to health and wellness. As we look forward to next year’s event, Ooredoo remains dedicated to inspiring individuals of all ages to embrace sports and physical activity, reinforcing the company’s vision of enriching people’s lives and giving back to the community.