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Corporate | March 1, 2022

Ooredoo Announces Launch of Dedicated LTE Network to Support Oil and Gas Industry

Barcelona, Spain and Doha, Qatar

Ooredoo announced the launch of a dedicated LTE network for the oil and gas industry in collaboration with technology giants Ericsson and Nokia.

In a first for Qatar, the new LTE network will be dedicated to maintaining connectivity and supporting customers’ data and voice call needs in remote, challenging locations such as offshore facilities.

Having identified a need for the provision of data and voice services its oil and gas industry customers – to replace older Wimax/WiFi technology throughout their offshore facilities – Ooredoo collaborated with technology giants Ericsson and Nokia to develop a dedicated LTE network that could support their offshore operations.

The new network will provide high-availability voice and data services to support oil and gas operations and applications in locations outside the traditional fixed and mobile network footprint, such as offshore rigs and other facilities.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “This exciting launch is yet more evidence to consolidate our position as an innovator and trusted provider of customised solutions to support our many industries in Qatar and further afield. We are committed to investing in innovation as a key part of our corporate strategy, and to finding and developing solutions for customer needs across every industry. Working with world-class partners such as Ericsson and Nokia, we leverage our experience and their technology to ensure the products and services we offer our customers are second to none.”

Fadi Pharaon, President of Ericsson Middle East and Africa, said: “Today’s agreement with Ooredoo is an important step that will benefit the oil and gas industry. Ericsson has a great roadmap and track-record in delivering 5G-ready solutions and we are proud to be Ooredoo’s partner to modernise the networks of the oil and gas industry. We look forward to further our collaboration with Ooredoo in the field of innovative industrial and enterprises cases in Qatar.”

Ricky Corker, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Nokia, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Ooredoo Qatar in this launch of a dedicated wireless network for oil and gas enterprises. Nokia’s core network solution enables Ooredoo’s LTE network to provide the solid connectivity that is critical for remote and challenging operations to be safe, efficient and dependable. Ooredoo’s network deployment also provides the foundation for oil and gas companies to digitalize and automate operations and prepare for its Industry 4.0 future.”

Ooredoo announced this exciting launch at Mobile World Congress 2022, held in Barcelona, Spain.