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All open tender documents can be obtained from the following address before the close dates.

Procurement Department,
10th Floor, Ooredoo HQ1,
Ooredoo Tower
Tel: 44400363

A Tender should be accompanied by a Bank Guarantee (Tender Bond) or a certified cheque as temporary deposit issued by a local Bank operating in Qatar which should be valid for 120 days commencing from the Tender closing date.

Suppliers quote should be valid for 90 (Ninety) days commencing from the Tender closing date.

Overseas suppliers who need to participate in the tender and do not have a local representative should fill the Credit Card Tender Fee payment form provided under Forms on the Procurement home page. Ooredoo will withdraw the tender fee and mail a copy of the tender to your address.

Ooredoo would not be bound to accept the lowest response of any tender and is under no obligation to justify our decision.

A copy of your company’s last balance sheet audited if applicable

Details of any significant changes in the status of the company's financial affairs since the above report was prepared

Tenders are to be delivered in a plain, closed and waxed envelopes addressed to The Chairman, Management Committee, Ooredoo Q.S.C (formerly Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Q.S.C), P. O. Box 217, Doha, Qatar, clearly stating the subject and title on the top left corner of the envelope.

For any queries call 44400645

The Chairman
Management Committee (MC)
Ooredoo Q.S.C
P. O. Box 217 Doha-Qatar

Clearly stating the subject and title on the top left corner of the envelope and deposited in the Tender Box provided at the Procurement Department, West Bay, Ooredoo HQ1, 10th Floor.

Suppliers who are not registered with Ooredoo should register online. Click here to register now.