General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Services

Welcome to Ooredoo Q.S.C. (formerly Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Q.S.C)


1. GENERAL: These General Terms and Conditions and our Service Tariff and Application Form constitute the terms of your agreement with Ooredoo for any telecommunications services that we provide you (“Services”), as well as any related software, content, or equipment. These General Terms and Conditions supersede all earlier versions and any contract into which you may have entered with Ooredoo. The General Terms and Conditions, your Application Form and the applicable Service Tariff together are referred to as the (“Agreement”). To the extent that these General Terms and Conditions conflict with the applicable Service Tariff, the terms of the applicable Service Tariff shall prevail.

2. CHANGES TO THE AGREEMENT OR CHARGES: Ooredoo may, from time to time and consistent with its obligations under the Applicable Regulatory Framework and the approval of ictQATAR, if required, (a) modify the fees and charges contained in the Service Tariff or (b) Make changes to these General Terms and Conditions with reasonable notice to you.

  • 3.1 You must be 18 years old or older to be eligible to subscribe to Consumer Services.
  • 3.2 Some prospective Subscribers may be ineligible for certain services because of poor credit history, their record of payment for Ooredoo services or other factors.
  • 3.3 Business subscribers are not eligible for Ooredoo Consumer Services.
  • 3.4 If you are refused service because of ineligibility, you are entitled to a clear justification for such refusal in writing.
  • 4.1 Applicable Regulatory Framework: The terms and conditions of Ooredoo’s applicable Licenses and annexures, relevant legislation and international treaties, and any regulations, decisions, orders, rules, instructions or notices issued by ictQATAR
  • 4.2 Application Form: The form, in paper or electronic format that you complete and sign to order, activate or use the Service.
  • 4.3 Day: 24 hour period
  • 4.4 Products and Service: Any product or service provided to Ooredoo customers either directly through Ooredoo Sales channels or any of Ooredoo’s Authorised Dealers. Please visit for the full list of available consumer services.
    4.5 Ooredoo Q.S.C (formerly Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Q.S.C )
  • 4.6 Subscriber or “You”: The person or entity that enters into an agreement with Ooredoo to receive and pay for Service.
  • 4.7 Service Tariff: Ooredoo’s official list of prices and accompanying terms and conditions that govern a particular Service.
  • 4.8 Telecommunications Law: Law No. 34 of 2006
  • 5.1 You agree to pay Ooredoo for the provision of the Service(s), whether you or someone else use(s) the Service(s), in accordance with the applicable Service Tarff.
  • 5.2 Most charges will appear on the bill immediately following the time period in which charges were incurred. In certain circumstances, due to operational matters beyond Ooredoo's control, application of charges to your bill maybe delayed by no more than 90 days. Particularly with International Roaming, where Ooredoo has limited control over when overseas Roaming Partners submit settlement charges, you should be aware that automatic suspension of your account may not occur and charges will continue to accrue. You are nevertheless required to pay all billed charges that are not in dispute when they fall due, as stated on your bill.
  • 5.3 Non-payment: If you do not pay your bill within 30 days of the date of the bill, Ooredoo may suspend or restrict Service, disconnect your Service, and/or cancel your account and deduct your deposit where applicable, as needed. Ooredoo will send you notice in writing prior to disconnecting your services.
  • 5.4 Ooredoo will impose a charge of QR 50 for a returned check.
  • 5.5 A Subscriber may request a revised bill where changes to the service by Ooredoo change the charges applicable on a particular bill
  • 5.6 Ooredoo provides electronic billing or “e-billing” to all of its Consumer customers. Subscribers will have the option of continuing to receive paper bills for a nominal monthly fee per customer account.
  • 6.1 Ooredoo will assign each Subscriber for postpaid consumer services a credit limit that will determine the maximum outstanding charges such subscribers may have under usual circumstances. Unless agreed otherwise by the Subscriber and Ooredoo, Ooredoo will assign an initial credit limit for all Consumer Subscribers. The credit limit may be reduced in amount by the Subscriber at any time by contacting Ooredoo. Subscribers may also request an increase in their applicable credit limits. Requests will be granted at Ooredoo’s reasonable discretion.
  • 6.2 Subscribers with outstanding charges that are close to exceeding their credit limit may receive a notification in advance from Ooredoo.
  • 6.3 Subscribers with outstanding charges that exceed their credit limit may have service restricted or suspended until payment is received.
  • 6.4 Customer credit limits cannot be relied upon in all circumstances to restrict your liability for charges in excess of your credit limit due to the inherent limitations of billing practice. In some circumstances your bill may exceed your credit limit (see 5.2 above) and you may not receive advance notification of your liability for charges in excess of your credit limit and may not have your service restricted or suspended.

7. TERMINATION AND CANCELLATION: Once your Service has commenced or your account has been activated you may cancel Service for any reason. But if you cancel before the Minimum Service Period, Ooredoo may charge you an early cancellation fee equal to the amount due under the remaining term of the Minimum Service Period (“Cancellation Fee”), or as provided in the Service Tariff. Subject to the applicable terms and conditions in the applicable Service Tariff, cancellation after the end of the Minimum Service Period will not result in any additional liability as a result of the cancellation.

8. MINIMUM SERVICE PERIOD: Unless otherwise stated in the applicable Service Tariff, the minimum service period for Ooredoo Consumer Services is three (3) months. Cancellation of the Service prior to that time will result in applicable charges due and payable for the entire three month minimum service period.

  • 9.1 Unless stated in the applicable Service Tariff or in a written agreement otherwise, equipment provided by Ooredoo is Ooredoo’s property and may be modified or substituted only by Ooredoo from time to time in order to maintain a consistently high level of service quality.
    9.2 You may not sell lend, dispose of, move, damage or otherwise interfere with Ooredoo equipment.
  • 9.3 You are required to keep Ooredoo equipment safe, and to use it only in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer and Ooredoo.
  • 9.4 You must notify Ooredoo of any loss or damage to any part of Ooredoo’s equipment immediately upon becoming aware of such loss or damage. You are responsible for Ooredoo’s equipment in your possession and may be liable for loss or damage caused by you or while equipment was in your possession or at your premises, other than fair wear and tear in the ordinary course of usage.
  • 9.5 Ooredoo will remain responsible for all equipment rented to Subscribers to ensure their proper functioning for the intended service. If you rent equipment from Ooredoo, you may not interfere with or seek assistance, from any party or person other than Ooredoo or an Ooredoo authorized representative, to repair, maintain or modify such equipment. You may be liable for any loss or damage resulting from breach of this condition.
  • 9.6 Ooredoo will provide to you a limited warranty for ‘Ooredoo’ branded equipment only. Ooredoo’s limited warranty guarantees that during the warranty period Ooredoo will repair or replace at Ooredoo’s discretion, any manufacturer defective product or component or will replace any defective product with an identical item at no charge to the Customer for either parts or labour. The full terms and conditions of the limited warranty are set out in the documentation issued with your ‘Ooredoo’ branded equipment. Ooredoo does not provide any kind of warranty for equipment that is not ‘Ooredoo’ branded.

You agree to allow us reasonable access to your premises if we need such access in order to install, provide or maintain any of the Services or any associated equipment. Should Ooredoo need permission from another private party or a public authority in order to connect or install equipment or facilities on private or public land/premises, you agree to provide reasonable assistance to Ooredoo in its efforts to obtain any necessary permission required to obtain access to your premises. If we cannot obtain the required permission, we may not be able to provide Service to you. Repeated unsuccessful visits to your premises for this purpose may result in charges imposed on you for such repeated visits to the extent arranged in advance and agreed by you.

11. CONNECTING SUBSCRIBER EQUIPMENT: You agree not to connect any equipment or facilities to our network that have not been type approved by ictQATAR or that do not comply with the technical standards and specifications for telecommunications equipment approved by ictQATAR.

  • 12.1 You may not use or attempt to use, or authorize others to use, the Service, the network or the equipment in any way that:
    • 12.1.1 violates any applicable law, the Applicable Regulatory Framework, your Agreement with Ooredoo or the conditions of any license or rights of others;
    • 12.1.2 in a manner which causes annoyance or disturbance of the peace;
    • 12.1.3 to send, knowingly receive, upload, download, or use any material that is offensive, abusive, defamatory obscene, menacing or illegal;
    • 12.1.4 in any way that we reasonably believe will adversely affect the provision of Service to you or any of our Subscribers;
    • 12.1.5 to violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any person;
    • 12.1.6 to access or to attempt to access any computer system or network or any private information resources unlawfully, for unlawful purposes or without the consent of the holder of such information or resources;
    • 12.1.7 to obtain or use the password of any person without his consent;
    • 12.1.8 to commit any criminal or illegal act, to achieve any unlawful purpose, to use the Service for the purposes of gambling or immorality or to exercise any activity in violation of the public order;
    • 12.1.9 In a way that poses an immediate and substantial risk to human safety or Ooredoo’s network, national security or public order, or otherwise violates applicable law or regulation.
  • 12.2 If we reasonably believe you have misused the Service, we may take immediate action to suspend the Service and terminate your Agreement. Ooredoo may also permanently disconnect the Service and terminate your Agreement in accordance with the Applicable Regulatory Framework, including pursuant to any valid orders of any court or other authority.
  • 12.3 Excessive use: The Service is offered for reasonable use only. Excessive use of the service beyond that which, in Ooredoo’s reasonable discretion, is used for normal consumer Service and which, as a result has the potential to negatively impact the quality of service available to other Ooredoo Subscribers may result in cancellation of the service.
  • 13.1 Pursuant to article 35 of the Telecommunications Law, there are no ownership or special rights on telephone numbers other than the right of use. If we provide you with a telephone number, either without consideration or for a fee, you do not own the number, which remains property of the State of Qatar and under the administrative control of the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA). The CRA sets and maintains the National Numbering Plan which reserves the right of the service provider and CRA to suspend and withdraw any assigned number. In addition, the CRA may, when necessary, make changes to the numbers allocated to Ooredoo. You acknowledge and agree that Ooredoo may need to suspend and withdraw or make changes to the numbers assigned to you. If Ooredoo finds it necessary as a result of CRA’s action to change or withdraw the number assigned to you. If you have paid Ooredoo for the number, you may request a refund of the fee paid for the number, substitution with another number, or fair compensation from Ooredoo following return of the number in accordance with article 35 of the Telecommunications Law. Ooredoo will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you in advance of any necessary change or withdrawal of your assigned number as soon as reasonably possible.
  • 13.2 The telephone number is associated to an Ooredoo service and the termination, cancellation or otherwise expiration of the Ooredoo service will result in the number to be placed in quarantine for a period of 180 days (“Quarantine Period”).
  • 13.3 You hereby acknowledge that a number not claimed or remained inactive within that Quarantine Period might be permanently terminated, at Ooredoo’s sole discretion, without any right of recovery, nor any right for compensation. You also hereby acknowledge that the responsibility to ensure that the telephone line remains active lies solely on the subscriber holding the right of use. For the avoidance of doubt, the Quarantine Period shall begin at the end of any grace or suspension period as defined by the Telecommunications Law.
  • 13.4 You may assign your account, including any telephone number assigned to you, to another person, provided that you obtain Ooredoo’s prior written permission that such assignment complies with any legal and regulatory requirements applicable in the State of Qatar, and subject to the applicable fee as specified in the Service Tariff.
  • 13.5 For the avoidance of doubt, this clause 13 shall apply to both fixed line telephone numbers and mobile numbers.
  • 14.1 If Ooredoo provides you with an Internet access service, you accept that you are using the Internet at your own risk.
  • 14.2 Software: You may use software supplied by Ooredoo or by a third party, provided that it complies with these General Terms and Conditions, and with all applicable specific conditions set out in the specific Service Tariff. You are responsible for all use of any Ooredoo software, including any use by your agents or employees. Ooredoo is responsible for any manufacturing defects in any software provided to you as a part of its service offering, whether developed by Ooredoo or by third parties. Ooredoo is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising out of the use of or failure to use as directed any software supplied by a third party, including due to defects in the software.
15. DISRUPTION OF SERVICES AND TECHNICAL CHANGES: Ooredoo may occasionally need to interrupt the Service for scheduled required maintenance, test procedures or other technical work, including network upgrades. Ooredoo will endeavour to notify you 24 hours in advance of such disruption where possible.
  • Ooredoo may suspend, restrict or disconnect the Service temporarily or permanently for any of the following reasons set out below. Where possible and appropriate, Ooredoo will provide adequate notice to avoid disrupting service unnecessarily:
  • 16.1 If the Subscriber exceeds his applicable credit limit, or fails to pay his bill or other Ooredoo charges;
  • 16.2 If the Subscriber breaches any of the Service conditions, in particular, Articl e 12 (Use of Ooredoo Services and Equipment);
  • 16.3 if Ooredoo ceases to provide the Service to the public for any reason, taking into account its relevant obligations under the Applicable Regulatory Framework; or
    16.4 if any competent authority prohibits the provision of the Service in Qatar.
  • 17.1 Ooredoo will use its best efforts to provide quality and continuous Service to you and remedy any defect (including repairs or replacement, as applicable) that may occur related to the provision of the Service and/or issue refunds within a reasonable period of time from becoming aware of such defect.
  • 17.2 Ooredoo does not guarantee that the Service or associated equipment provided by Ooredoo will never be faulty. Unless otherwise required under applicable law or regulation, we have no responsibility to pay you compensation for any direct or indirect financial loss, loss of productivity, information that is lost or corrupted, or for any loss that could not have been reasonably foreseen (expected) or that is not due to Ooredoo’s gross negligence.
  • 17.3 Ooredoo shall not be liable for any of the following:
    • 17.3.1 Any damages or losses that may be incurred by you due to 1) the temporary or permanent disconnection of the Service as a result of your failure to pay Ooredoo’s charges or your breach of the Agreement; 2) the suspension of the Service for maintenance, or for repair of defects; 3) any delay in connection, reconnection, termination or any modification of the Service;
    • 17.3.2 Termination of any Service to the public for any justifiable reason, subject to an appropriate notice period including prohibition by any competent authority of the provision of any Service in Qatar. In such event, you will be responsible for payment for services only for the period up to and including the date of termination, but not thereafter.
    • 17.3.3 Any losses or damages incurred by third parties in person or in property including death, injury, loss or damage to property due to the use of the Service by you.
18. PERSONAL INFORMATION AND DATA: The personal information requested in the Application Form is needed to provide you with the Service(s). We will store and use such personal information to install, set up and provide you the Service, bill you for use of the Service, respond to your queries about the Service(s) and to inform you of changes or additions to the Service(s) or other available service offerings. You attest that the information you provide to us in the Application Form is true, accurate and complete. You agree to inform us of any changes to this data within 14 days. We will protect and respect your personal information and we will not collect, use, retain, or advertise any such information without your prior written approval and subject to the relevant law and applicable regulation. You may request that we correct or remove any of your personal information stored in our databases.
19. MONITORING AND RECORDING CALLS: We may monitor and record calls relating to customer service and telemarketing. The recording of such calls will be disclosed at the start of the call. We do this for training purposes and to improve the quality of our customer service. We also record all calls to emergency services.
20. DIRECTORY AND CALLER IDENTIFICATION: unless you request otherwise, your name and telephone number will be included in Ooredoo’s directory as stated in your Application Form and our network will allow the display of your number on the device of the receiving party.
21. FORCE MAJEURE AND MATTERS BEYOND OOOREDOO’S REASONABLE CONTROL: Sometimes we may not be able to honour the terms of this Agreement or provide the Service because of events beyond our reasonable control. These could include, but are not limited to, Acts of God, industrial action, default or failure of a third party, natural causes (such as very severe weather, storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, widespread fires, or any other natural disaster), war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist acts, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity, nationalization, governmental action, or any act or decision made by a court of competent jurisdiction. In these cases, Ooredoo has no further responsibility for any interruptions to your Service or any other provision under this Agreement. Ooredoo will make every attempt, as is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances, to restore Service as soon as possible.

22. WAIVER: If Ooredoo does not fully exercise its legal rights in response to a particular breach of any Term or Condition of the Agreement, such action shall not be construed as a waiver of any such rights or deprive Ooredoo from the right to fully enforce the Agreement.

23. SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES: If you have a complaint about the Service, associated equipment or facilities, you agree to provide us with an opportunity to resolve your claim by sending us a written description of your complaint or contacting us at any of Ooredoo’s Retail Outlets, Contact Centre or the Customer Care webpage on the Ooredoo Website at In addition, you may have recourse to legal fora or other dispute mechanisms.

24. SERVICE AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT/FACILITIES PERSONAL TO SUBSCRIBER: You accept that this Agreement and the Service and the provision of any associated equipment or facilities is personal to you and agree not to transfer it to anyone else, without written agreement from Ooredoo and in accordance with any applicable fees terms and conditions.

25. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: Ooredoo is only bound to the terms of the Agreement, and not by any other representation, warranty, term, condition or oral agreement, except as is required under applicable law or regulation. You should therefore read this Agreement carefully.

26. TERM: This Agreement will remain in effect until it and/or the Services are terminated by either party, or the Agreement superseded by another agreement for Services or as amended according to law.

27. APPLICABLE LAW: This Agreement is governed by the laws of State of Qatar.