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The business benefits of managed router services

Ooredoo has made substantial investments in wide area networking resources, expertise and automated systems management tools, so that customers don’t need to invest on the management tool and system. With a managed router service, Ooredoo maintains the router infrastructure to ensure a customer’s wide area network is wholly reliable and fully available.

With Ooredoo constantly monitoring router performance and issuing regular status reports, you can rest easy that your business will always be connected. Ooredoo will monitor all routers remotely 24 x 7, and make sure they are performing as they should be at all times. If a problem ever does occur, Ooredoo will quickly resolve it. If a particular problem persists in any router, Ooredoo will dispatch a field engineer to replace it.

Contracting with Ooredoo for managed router services offers flexibility, too. Ooredoo can manage a customer’s existing router infrastructure, and can also supply, manage and maintain new router equipment installed for the customer on the customer’s premises. Whatever the option, Ooredoo provides all the professional support that is needed, using best-of-breed tools to remotely monitor, manage and report on your routers and networks.

The benefits of managed router services are:

  • Improved operational efficiency: a managed router contract with Ooredoo provides all of the services necessary to offload the burden of router management, so that a customer’s in-house IT resources can be freed up for more important tasks, increasing productivity.
  • Single point of contact for the whole WAN: use of Ooredoo’s managed router services means customers have a single point of contact for the end-to-end management of their wide area network, enhancing efficiency and easing support by leveraging the skills of Ooredoo.
  • Reduced capex and fixed low operating expense: with Ooredoo managed router services there is no longer any need to invest in stand-by and back-up routers, maintenance and software licensing. Thanks to the economies of scale achieved by Ooredoo, capital expenditure investments can be replaced with a consistent operating cost in the form of a fixed monthly charge.