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Inmarsat Satellite Services

Your mission-critical communication is now possible even in locations that terrestrial networks are unreliable or don’t even exist.

Ooredoo has a cutting-edge, broad portfolio of voice and data satellite services through Inmarsat to cover all your communication requirements, wherever your operations are located around the world.



Services and Devices

A wide range of flexible and cost-effective postpaid and prepaid packages are available to meet your voice and data communication requirements.

  • Global Satellite Phone Service ( GSPS )
    GSPS provides essential voice calls and messaging for businesses operating in remote regions around the world.
    Isatphone2 is a handheld satellite phone for clear voice service anywhere on the planet.

  • Global Satellite Broadband & Phone Service
    Use your phone or tablet seamlessly to talk, text, access the internet and your applications, independently of cellular and fixed networks.
    You just need to have the BGAN device and then the service is accessed via applications that you can download onto a smartphone or tablet.


No matter where your business takes you, you can rely on Ooredoo’s mobile satellite services through Inmarsat for your business and mission-critical communication.

We offer:

  • Access in remote locations, such as deserts and coastal areas
  • Communication for disaster and emergency response
  • High voice quality and robust handsets
  • Point-and-play easy-to-use terminals
  • Reliable services, delivered over the Inmarsat trusted network with 99.9% satellite and ground network availability
  • 24/7 global support service

Use Cases



  • Voice & Broadband connectivity for long-term projects in remote/rural areas (e.g. sustainable development)

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

  • Primary communications backup where climatic conditions lead to frequent VSAT failure (e.g. offshore rigs)
  • Longer term projects at small to medium size exploration and production sites


  • Rapid site setup extending into site management phase
  • Primary communications solution for rolling infrastructure products


  • Longer term projects for small to medium size camps
  • Drilling and testing operations with very high data requirements
  • Fixed cost solutions to third-party camp management providers


  • Remote news bureau connectivity
Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

  • Primary communications for remote branches