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Security Monitoring

Protect your company from the latest threats with the latest technology

Ooredoo’s Security Monitoring portfolio shields
customers from the latest advanced threats using a
combination of big data analytics, comprehensive threat intelligence, and advanced security automation
tools all backed up by our team.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) is the core of our
Managed Security Services delivering security monitoring
tailored to your needs and helping you optimise your security resources.


Ooredoo’s SOC technology & experts enable you to investigate your business’ security incidents, perform incident response and forensics, and help keep your organisations afloat amid a data breach.

Ooredoo Security Monitoring can also empower you to leverage your existing SIEM investments by providing a 24x7 monitoring service offering.

Our Security Operations Centre is highly efficient because it provides a critical balance of highly skilled security professionals, advanced processes and the latest technology.

What’s included?

  • Certified and experienced engineers
  • 24x7 Incident detection and response
  • Fault and change management
  • Secure web portal / user interface
  • 90 day secure log retention
  • Secure web portal / user interface
  • Industry leading SIEM technology (LogRhythm)
  • The best Data Centre and SOC facilities available
  • Flexible engagement models (on-site, off-site, hybrid)
  • SLA backed services - 15 Minute SLA for Incident Notification

Why choose Ooredoo

Ooredoo is the only provider in Qatar that has:

  • A complete portfolio of Security services
  • Highly skilled staff and security experts
  • The facilities and technology to support any security need
  • The best global Security partners