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Toll Free

Local Toll-Free

Toll-Free numbers provide customers and prospective customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business. Toll-Free numbers give your business:

  • A unique 800 xxxx number that can be routed to any phone line in Qatar.
  • Free for the calling party to contact your business no matter what the distance or service.
  • Highly scalable and economical Pay-As-You-Grow costs only increase when the number of calls increases, which indicates higher levels of customer engagement.
  • Grow customer engagement via inbound calls and give your sales and support teams a competitive advantage.

Number ranges and tariffs

There are three classes of memorable 800 numbers customers can choose to set up a national Toll-Free service:

    Examples One-time charges(QAR) Monthly fees (QAR)
Silver Numbers 800 + 4 digits 800-5769 FREE 300
Gold Numbers 800 + 4 digits with two repeating numbers 800-6911 1,000 300
Royal Numbers
800 + 4 digits with 3 repeating numbers 800-6669 10,000 300
800 + 4 repeating numbers 800-9999 10,000 300
800 + 4 sequential numbers 800-6789 10,000 300

  Call charges
(QAR / min)
From Ooredoo landlines 0.20
From Ooredoo mobiles 0.35
From other operators 0.35