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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management from Ooredoo is a comprehensive solution for total enterprise device administration. It enables your company to seamlessly manage employee devices, content and apps across your entire corporate network. This means you are able to reduce risks to your corporate data by securing all devices on your corporate network, including those owned by individual staff, without jeopardizing employee productivity.

Mobile Device Management will take necessary actions where data integrity is threatened. These include;

  • Warning the administrator that there could be a problem
  • Sending a message telling the user to intervene
  • Preventing the user from accessing his corporate email account from his device
  • Wiping corporate data, apps and documents from the device while leaving personal data untouched

Why Choose Ooredoo?





Ooredoo Mobile Device Management has four Key Features

Advance Mobile Management
Streamline management & enablement of devices for employees & IT
Secure Productivity Suite
Complete set of work tools & app security to ensure data protection
Secure Document Sharing
Seamless & secure enterprise content collaboration

Mobile Enterprise Gateway
Secure app-level network access without a full device VPN


Mobile Device Management by Ooredoo has been designed to scale across all sizes of company. For more details about our pricing please contact your Business Account Manager.

Free Trial

All new customers can enroll for a free 30 days trial. After the trial period expires, your account will automatically expire. Should you wish to continue on a subscription basis, you must contact your Account Manager to facilitate this.

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Get started now – free 30-day production trial for new Ooredoo MDM customers

Ooredoo customers with a mobile account number can elect to trial the Ooredoo Mobile Device Management portal for a period of 30- days. The trial period starts when you first receive your Ooredoo-MDM login.

  • Step 1: Check you have at least one compatible device.
  • Step 2: Complete the online application form
  • Step 3: We'll verify your account details and send you a welcome email with your login details. The 30 day trial period starts when you first receive the welcome email and Ooredoo-MDM login.

After the 30-day trial period you have to contact Ooredoo to move the account to a fully paid service, at which point charges will commence.

Compatible Devices:

Ooredoo Mobile Device Management portal is compatible with the following operating systems: