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Understanding the nature of managed router services

Ooredoo’s managed router service provides an expert, fully outsourced solution for WAN routing. This can include routers installed on a customer’s main premises to those sited even at the smallest of its branch offices.

The service provides fully proactive operational support and includes technical feasibility survey. Ooredoo can supply and manage routers which it installs on a customer’s premises (Ooredoo-provided router on customer’s own premises), or a customer can choose to have Ooredoo manage existing routers (customer-provided router on own premises).

Where Ooredoo is asked to source the equipment, it will choose the best router and the right configuration to ensure it meets the specific requirements of the customer. Ooredoo will stage and install, configure each router and carry out performance testing, and once installed will constantly monitor and proactively maintain each router to ensure its peak performance.

With Ooredoo providing around-the-clock operational support, customers are free to focus on the core business activities that matter, rather than spending time attending to the chores of infrastructure maintenance. This is the most cost-effective way to improve the performance of any size of WAN, which increasingly is seen as being the backbone of the business.

Outlining the service proposition and commercial offer

Ooredoo’s managed router services means the status of a customer’s routers are continuously monitored and constantly managed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, for always-on availability and complete peace of mind.

Whether a customer wants Ooredoo to supply, install and manage routers on the customer’s premises (Ooredoo-provided router), or just have Ooredoo manage its existing router systems (customer-provided router), for both options the managed router service is comprehensively end-to-end, and includes: