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Services and Features

With our dedicated mobile app and the online My Ooredoo Business Portal, customers can have full visibility and complete control of their accounts, the flexibility to change their usage as they need and a unique interactive experience, all in real-time.

Online My Ooredoo Business Portal

The My Ooredoo Business Portal has been designed to seamlessly allow our customers to manage their mobile usage and control billing and consumption. Through the My Ooredoo Business Portal customers can activate add-ons, change credit limits, identify/group services and issue/follow up complaints.

Best of all, our real-time My Ooredoo Business Portal enables full control and authorisation to your selected business administrator.

Ooredoo App

The Ooredoo Business Mobile App gives users snapshot of their usage, allow users to communicate their personal needs to company admins for add-ons, activation of services and much more!

To make things as simple as possible, there are two versions of the app – one for users and a second one for the administrators.

The first module will allow users to access their usage details along with option to request for add-ons from the administrators.

The second module will have limited features of the B2B My Ooredoo Business Portal but will allow for full authorisation and control over requests in real-time.

Business Collaboration Key

Enjoy superior mobility and flexibility from this innovative service, enabling you to have a landline number to make and receive calls on your mobile phone, effectively taking your office anywhere. In addition, you can benefit from advanced collaboration features:

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Voice, video, instant messaging on a single device and across devices.


Video conferencing

Video calling between hard or soft terminals.



Software client to access collaboration services on mobile devices.

Instant Messaging & Presence

Instant Messaging & Presence

Text messaging between users, with availability information.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging

Voice messaging unified with email system.

Simple-Number Reach

Simple-Number Reach

Answer your landline on your mobile.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management from Ooredoo is a comprehensive solution for total enterprise device administration. It enables your company to seamlessly manage employee devices, content and apps across your entire corporate network. This means you are able to reduce risks to your corporate data by securing all devices on your corporate network, including those owned by individual staff, without jeopardizing employee productivity.


Mobile Device Management will take necessary actions where data integrity is threatened. These include:

  • Warning the administrator that there could be a problem
  • Sending a message telling the user to intervene
  • Preventing the user from accessing his corporate email account from his device
  • Wiping corporate data, apps and documents from the device while leaving personal data untouched

Calling Features

Manage and control your mobile services with the My Smart Menu. Just dial *100# now to access features including our new 'Who Called Plus' service which lets you divert missed call alerts and set customised messages when you are unavailable.

My Smart Menu is:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Available around the world 24/7
  • Compatible with all phones
  • Available in English and Arabic!

This pre-activated feature lets you know who is calling you at no charge.

- A soft 'beep' notifies you of another incoming call, and caller's number or name. You then have the option to put the current caller on hold and take the incoming call or make another outgoing call at the same time as keeping the other caller on hold.

- To activate Call Waiting press: *43# Call Button call /OK.

- To cancel Call waiting press: *43# Call Button call /OK.

- To receive a second incoming call, press OK.


This pre-activated feature diverts your phone to another mobile or landline number so you never miss a call. Your handset’s phone menu will guide you through set-up.

There is no fee for this feature but you will have to pay the prevailing rates for forwarded calls.

Conference Call lets you talk with up to five other members at the same time.

  • Dial the first number and put on hold. Repeat the process and add up to 5 people.
  • Just select the 'Conference Call' option from your handset’s menu, if available.
  • Call charges apply for each call connected into the conference.

Every Aamali Mobile customer has a free voicemail account, which enables your callers to leave a message to you when you don’t answer the phone, are busy, or not reachable.

To activate Voicemail, dial 123 from your mobile.

The service is available in English and Arabic, and you can change your preferred language by dialing *100*1# and select “change language”.

To listen to your voicemail messages, dial 123 from your mobile phone.

There will be no charge for listening to your voicemail messages in Qatar, but when leaving or listening to a message abroad, costs will be based on the roaming call rate of each country, or will be deducted from your Ooredoo Passport allowance.

To deactivate the voicemail service at any time dial *100*400# and deactivate.

If someone calls you when your mobile is turned-off, busy or out of coverage, you will receive a text message (SMS) indicating the number of the person who called you and the time they called.

Divert your calls to 122.

Send a short message to other mobile phones around the world with SMS. Remember to include + or 00 if sending an SMS abroad.

Send pictures and video clips around the world. Consult your handset’s User Guide or phone menu. Remember to include + or 00 if sending an MMS abroad.

If you and the called party have video-calling supported phones, you can see and talk to each other on your handsets. Select the video call option from your handset menu and then make your call. Make sure the 3G/4G/4G+ icon shows on your handset screen.