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Ooredoo Industrial Metering

Optimise your energy and water usage with our Industrial Metering IoT solution!

Our new Internet of Things-enabled Industrial Metering solution allows you to automatically capture the energy and water usage from your organisation and facilities.

The end-to-end solution includes hardware, mobile Internet of Things connectivity, and applications and services. As a result, you can gain real-time analytics and granular reporting, with breakdowns by departments or sections.

Using Industrial Metering application, which runs on our cloud-based IoT platform, you can use the user dashboard with real-time insights to understand patterns of consumption, optimise your consumption and costs, and even deliver new services to your facilities tenants.

You can rest assured that your application data is securely hosted in-country on our industry-leading and Tier 3-certified Qatar Data Centre.

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How to Order:

Optimise your utilities usage with the Ooredoo Industrial Metering solution by contacting your Account Manager or calling 800 8000!