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Internet of Things

Welcome to the New Business World

It all sounds a bit unreal: A field calls automatically for water and fertiliser. A pipeline notices leakages and alarms its operator. A delivery van relays its current location and the condition of the transported goods to a logistics center. Even an air-conditioning unit reports a mundane malfunction.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming your industry – and every industry in the world today. Ooredoo can offer invaluable support in helping you come to grips with the incredible opportunities available through these new innovations.

Be part of a connected business world


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Paying with your credit card in a taxi or at the supermarket? That’s no longer a problem these days in many countries. Portable payment terminals can be easily connected using a mobile network – meaning you no longer have to worry about running out of cash while on the go.


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Did you know that more than a third of all food worldwide ends up in the rubbish before it even gets to consumers? That’s because the path to your plate isn’t always optimal. And here’s where the Internet of Things comes into play: Food firms can use networked refrigerated logistics to keep complete control of the cooling chain – from farmer to final consumer.


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Leaky pipelines don’t just waste a lot of money – they’re also damaging to the environment. That’s why they need to be monitored closely. But that’s not so easy, since they’re often deep under the ground or sea. Yet networked sensors can help detect even tiny leaks and raise the alarm. Oil and gas operators can then quickly shut down the affected part of the pipeline and repair it.


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As a manufacturer with full order books, you simply can’t afford to have broken machinery. As soon as a faulty part has to be replaced, an expensive shutdown can’t be avoided – or can it? These days, networked sensors monitor the wear and tear on machinery around the clock. A computer calculates the remaining work life of a specific part so you can replace it during production downtime.


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Even agriculture is at the vanguard of the networking movement. Sensors tell you as a farmer exactly when you need to water your crops and how much fertiliser your plants need. That saves resources and increases yields. And in a world with almost nine billion people to feed, smart farming is needed now more than ever.

Public Sector

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Conventional street lighting accounts for more than 40 per cent of cities’ energy expenditure. By using smart street lighting systems in combination with LED lights, you can cut a city’s electricity costs by 30 to 70 per cent and its maintenance costs by 10 per cent. Once connected, you can switch the street lights on and off, and program lighting patterns and dimming behaviour remotely.


How does IOT work?

IoT solutions work by incorporating networking computers and sensors into everyday tools and products. The information is then collected and automatically exchanged between objects and the Cloud. This rapidly-growing virtual network connects all sorts of items and enables them to communicate with each other.

For businesses in Qatar, this development represents a great opportunity to make their companies more profitable, flexible, and customer-friendly – regardless of size or focus.

Ooredoo offers a full portfolio of services, from its managed connectivity offer, IoT Connect, to complete turnkey solutions for a wide range of strategic industries.

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IoT Benefits

Support decision making within your company with enriched data.

Manage and reduce security risks.

Deliver a better customer, product or service experience and provide customised solutions.

Adapt and expand your portfolio and offerings.

Stay ahead of the trends in your industry.

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White Paper

Does your business deploy Internet of Things?
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This report evaluates the state of the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace amid the challenges that enterprises are facing today. It pinpoints the importance of both devices and operational support to each sector’s continued success, enhancing products, solutions and customer engagement while pioneering the creation of top-line revenue streams such as digital services.

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