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If you don’t have an Ooredoo Customer Account already, registration is quick and easy. You can follow one of the methods below:

  • Visit any Ooredoo shop where business services are provided (Airport Road, Al Sadd, Salwa, City Center and Wakra branches)
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Call the Business Customer Care team at 800 8000
  • Register online by clicking the ‘My Ooredoo’ link on our website

It is a requirement that you provide or attach your company’s official documents including valid Company Registration (CR), Establishment ID, and a copy of the ID or passport of the authorised signatory.

Via a duly signed authorisation form (please contact 8008000 for a template) you can designate a contact person or an email address that will be authorised to submit requests on behalf of your company. This allows us serve you faster, with fewer requirements for documentation, because the authorised contact will be recognised in our systems and we won’t need you to submit any other supporting documents when placing requests for your business.

For service requests submitted by non-authorised contacts we require the following to be provided:

  • Completed service order forms signed and stamped by an authorised signatory
  • Valid Company Registration (CR)
  • Valid Establishment ID
  • Copy of valid ID or passport of authorised signatory

You can request new services or changes on existing services using one of the following channels:

  • Your Account Manager

    An Account Manager (AM) is assigned to each business customer. Your AM will contact you within a few days of registration. However, you can also call 800 8000 to request the contact number and email of your AM.

  • Online through My Ooredoo portal

    My Ooredoo is a self-service portal at that business customers can sign up for. Please contact 800 8000 to set up an account. This is the recommended channel for mobile orders, because it is the fastest. The service is available 24x7 and any tariff changes, activation of Add-ons and other simple requests are usually fulfilled in real time. New mobile service activations are also supported. When using the portal, you don’t need to submit supporting documents because authorisation is done via username, password and OTP (one time pin).

  • Send an email

    Send your requests to [email protected] and you will immediately receive a confirmation email with your Service Request (SR) number, which can be used for follow-up and delivery status. You will also receive regular email notifications about status updates, and a notification of the appointed Customer Delivery Manager (CDM) who will coordinate the fulfillment of your request, where applicable. You can contact the assigned CDM for delivery updates during office hours. You also have 24x7 access to calling 800 8000 or sending an email to [email protected] .

  • Visit an Ooredoo shop

    Some Ooredoo shops are equipped with Business Service Desks (Airport Road, Al Sadd, Salwa, City Center and Wakra branches) with agents that are specialised in business services. The ordering process is similar to email ordering, but the documents are presented to the business desk agent who can help you select your products/plans.

Mobile and broadband services are usually delivered in one to two working days. For more complex services the assigned CDM will contact you to discuss and agree on timelines for completion. In the process you will receive notification of scheduled delivery.

The easiest way is to carry out the change via My Ooredoo portal. However, you can follow the service ordering process to make changes (a signed order form and official letter or authorised email describing the changes required, submitted via one of our ordering methods).

Terminations can be submitted to the AM or to [email protected] email, or at an in-branch business desk via an official request (signed forms, official letter or authorised email) with clear instructions and termination date. We ask you to give us termination requests at least 30 days in advance. The respective estimated balance at termination date needs to be settled, ideally in advance, to avoid any issues.

Check availability of the domain name on the link . Once you decide on a domain name you can place your order by visiting or by following the general ordering process steps above.

Instructions on how to pay bills are found on the second page (p.2) of your bill. There are a number of ways to pay:

  1. Wire Transfer

    You can pay your bills through wire transfer to our bank account. After you remit your payment, please make sure you complete the following steps:

    • Send your payment allocation instructions to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Payment Posting Customer No 000000’. Your customer number is found on the first page of your bill. If the instructions are for multiple Customer Numbers, please mention only one on the subject line.
    • Attach an Excel sheet with the details of the payment allocation by Account Number which can be found on the first page of each bill. Please see the example below:
      Customer Number 01234567  
      Account Number Service Number Amount
      1012345678 5001-xxxx 507.35
      1012345679 5002-xxxx 742.65
        Total 1,250.00
    • If you are paying for multiple Customer Numbers, please use multiple separate worksheets in the same Excel file.
    • Remember to attach proof of payment such as the bank transaction slips or online transfer receipts, etc. Once payment allocations are completed you will be notified via email. Your payment receipt will be available to download online through the My Ooredoo web portal.
    • You may follow up on your payment allocation request by calling Business Customer Care at 800 8000 (+974 4420 0800 for calling from outside Qatar) or by email [email protected]. Please always mention your Request Number.
  2. Bulk Bill Payment

    For a fully automated process you can use the Ooredoo Bulk Bill Payment option through your online banking application with Commercial Bank of Qatar.

    For a copy of your payment receipt visit our online web portal and follow the steps below:

    • Log in (If not registered, please follow the registration process)
    • Click Payment then click Payment History
    • Select the period From…To…
    • Click Show Payments
    • Click the Details on required payment to get view screen
    • Click Printer logo from the view screen to get the receipt in PDF

Our Business Customer Service team is here 24x7 to answer your questions, receive your requests and provide any support needed. You may reach us using any of the following channels:

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

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