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Endless Internet Packs

Ground-breaking features that will allow you to use never-ending local data services with full bill protection and minimised data prices!

Bill Protection

No more extra charges with our Endless Internet Packs!

You can now enjoy your data allowance with a super-fast 4G+ connection and once the pack is consumed, you’ll be able to continue using the internet at a lower 2G speed until your monthly allowance is renewed.


2 GB

QR 20

6 GB

QR 40


10 GB

QR 50

20 GB

QR 80


QR 500

Terms & Conditions
  • Endless Internet Pack and Speed Boosters can be easily activated by the respective business administrator through the My Ooredoo Business Portal or by calling 800 8000

Or Alternatively

You can top-up with one of our Data Recharge Cards to get your speed back!

To provide a Data Recharge to your employees please speak to your Ooredoo Account Manager or call 800 8000.

Employees can activate a Data Recharge at their own cost in easy and secure ways through the Ooredoo App , Self-Service Machine (SSM), Mobile Money App , our website or via a scratch card or e-voucher from Ooredoo Shops .

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