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Optimum Vehicle Tracking from Ooredoo

In the run-up to some of the busiest months Qatar has ever seen, Ooredoo offers an advanced enterprise solution for large fleets. Aiming to assist multiple Industries, Ooredoo advanced enterprise vehicle tracking for large fleets is now available in specifically priced high-value packages.

There are two offers aimed at taxis, delivery companies, car rental outlets, construction companies and transport & logistics firms. First offer the customer can get the service at an attractive monthly price. Second offer we allow customers to pay only QR 750 one-off, one time charge for a full year’s service.

Ooredoo anticipates that demands for this offer will coincide with a sharp increase in activity on the part of the local transport and logistics industries, hence designing both packages to provide them with additional support.

Both initiatives will help fleet-based enterprises to prepare for the exceptional events of November/December 2022. As always, Ooredoo customers will experience innovative, high-value IoT solutions at amazing prices.