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Managed Services

Let us take care of your business needs

With Managed Services, businesses can employ Ooredoo to manage, maintain and monitor all their hosted infrastructure, business services and applications.

This means that any problems related to their services will be investigated and escalated, along with the recommended actions to resolve them from our team of experts.


Data Centre Managed Services come in three packages

Operation Reports

Silver Support
Basic Monitoring

Ooredoo will monitor the reachability of the hosted network and server equipment. It includes availability monitoring, outage communication, periodic escalation, asset management.

Hosting Facility

Gold Support
Advanced Monitoring

Ooredoo will pro-actively monitor all operating systems and server state through the installation of monitoring agents. Alarms are automatically triggered when a state/log defined as fault is detected or a pre-set threshold value is exceeded.

Premium Support

Platinum Support
Smart Monitoring

Ooredoo will monitor operating systems and applications by installing smart plug-ins on top of the operation agents. These are application-specific plug-ins which intelligently monitor activities based on the specific application, device, OS, etc.