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Smart Waste Management solution!

As Qatar continues to urbanise and waste management needs increase, your organisation may be facing challenges in monitoring and optimising your waste management business operations. You need to know which bins are full, how to optimise waste collection routes and schedules, and how to flag any misuse or complaints about the bins.

Smart Waste Management is an end-to-end solution across hardware, connectivity, applications, and services that runs on our cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform, IoT Builder.

Whether you’re a government organisation or a construction, healthcare, waste management, or recycling company, our Smart Waste Management solution provides you with full visibility and real-time insights on your waste management.

As a result, you can optimise your costs and collection routes.

Business Benefits


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With our comprehensive business tool, you’re able to know when a bin is full by city, area or road.


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Thanks to near real-time decision-making, you can optimise your route planning, bin location, and access historical data, which can be used as critical inputs in your planning and production process, and result in a more efficient and cost-effective company.


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Forget about generating reports manually! With our solution, you can generate detailed reports or automate the generation of reports.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Customer calls or complaints would be reduced drastically, as waste collection staff will collect the waste before bins overflow causing customer dissatisfaction.


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Data is stored in-country in Ooredoo’s Tier 3-certified Qatar Data Centre.

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Optimise your waste management with the Ooredoo Smart Waste Management solution.
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