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A new approach to user protection from emerging Internet threats! 

Ooredoo Cloud Security integrates web, email, mobile and the latest channels of communication to combat cyber attacks. It also addresses Internet vulnerabilities for enterprise, government and SMEs. The system is 100% cloud-based, so there is no need to deploy and manage appliances, software or clients. Furthermore, IT security teams can instantly create and deploy granular web-based policies – by user, group, location or action – to anyone, anywhere and on any device.

Business Benefits

Comprehensive Security

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  • No appliances, software or clients required—No CAPEX.
  • No infrastructure, deployment or management overheads.
  • On-demand subscription with linear scalability.

Realise savings

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  • Stops today’s advanced threats immediately.
  • Secures PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Secures Web 2.0 applications and social media


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Eliminates the complexity of deploying or managing a solution