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Ooredoo Cloud Backup

Bolster your data protection with the Ooredoo Cloud Backup service!

Regardless of industry, sector or size of workforce, all organizations are generating ever-greater volumes of data. This exponential growth curve may not be replicated as drastically in all organizations, but the increasing use of information in all areas of business is increasing pressure on IT departments to ensure that this often business-critical data is backed up and stored securely and in compliance with any legal or regulatory requirements. IT departments are also facing multiple business challenges, such as limited scalability, budget constraints, SLA compliance and others, and an increase in the amount of critical data to protect.
Ooredoo Cloud Backup Service, offers an elastic, protected, and always-available backup and disaster recovery solution. You can rest assured that your data is safe, in compliance with data privacy regulations, because everything is stored in Qatar in our industry-leading, Tier 3-certified Qatar Data Centres.

Service Features

  • Built on proven enterprise-grade backup technology.
  • Available for any desktop, laptop, or physical/virtual machine, and at any time.
  • Self-service portal enables the quick and simple backup, policies configuration, and recovery of data (in an event of data loss).
  • daily full backups across existing networks and infrastructure to the Ooredoo Cloud Backup platform
  • Reduction of required daily network bandwidth thanks to deduplication resulting in faster backups.
  • Encryption of data in flight and at rest (AES 256-bit).
  • RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent Nodes) technology is used, which provides fault tolerance across nodes and eliminates single points of failure.
  • Daily verification of recoverability.

Business Benefits

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

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  • Optimised IT costs and lower total cost of ownership.
  • No capital investment needed. Simple opex-based monthly charging.
  • No requirement for on premise hardware eliminates maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Service can easily scale up as your organisation grows.
Cost Effective

Highly Available & Secure

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  • Highly resilient and available solution hosted in Ooredoo’s Tier 3-certified, industry-leading Qatar Data Centre.
  • Safe and secure data stored in our Qatar Data Centres that meet data privacy local regulations.
  • 24/7 support and management by Ooredoo-certified experts.
Cost Effective

Increased Operational Efficiency

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  • Simple to set up and run your backup tasks.
  • Seamless technology upgrade allows you to benefit from all the new features as we upgrade our platform.
  • Your resources can focus on core IT projects, whereas Ooredoo manages your backup infrastructure with optimized processes and SLAs for backup and recovery.

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How to Order:

Enhance your data protection by requesting the Ooredoo Cloud Backup service by contacting your Account Manager or calling 800 8000!