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Transcend Traditional Connectivity With Enterprise EDGE

Ooredoo Qatar is launching the Enterprise EDGE product – which can be built onto any standard connectivity service – to simplify WAN network operations, ease cloud adoption, assure application performance and improve network security.

Enterprise EDGE delivers Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) where customers can create a network by mixing and matching from a wide range of WAN connections. Having transformed its network to be SD-WAN ready, Ooredoo offers a new capability – unrivalled by traditional connectivity services.

Solution provides a software abstraction to decouple networking software services from the underlying hardware and to create a secure, reliable, and transport-independent network overlay. It combines multiple links (including MPLS, LTE, and broadband) and uses steering technology to select the best path for each application to ensure consistent performance and overcome quality issues and outages.

Key features of the service include:


Agile managed service model with enhanced SLA


CPE on leasing, reducing CapEx


Software-defined networking design


Flexible licensing - Pay As You Grow


In-country cloud delivered SD-WAN platform

Enterprise EDGE Solutions

Ooredoo has partnered with the leading SD-WAN vendors in the market. We believe that each business customer’s need is unique, and we offer multiple solutions that meet your requirements.

Enterprise EDGE Fortinet Enterprise EDGE VMware
Connectivity supported

National IPVPN, Business Broadband, Business Internet, VSAT

Cloud hosted

Private cloud, hosted in Ooredoo data centres

Max WAN links supported

Up to 4 connections on a single CPE

Managed services portal
Firewall with UTM capability
Max WAN Throughput

20 Gbps

10 Gbps

Cloud integration Azure, AWS, Zscaler

Enterprise EDGE - VMware

Working with the leading SD-WAN and SASE vendor VMware, this new, managed service allows businesses to focus on core activities, while delegating network connectivity and management to trusted partner Ooredoo.

With its unique cloud gateway architecture and innovative Dynamic Multipath Optimisation (DMPO), Enterprise EDGE over VMware solution offers reliable, secure and high-performance access to real-time and critical applications from branch to data centre or the cloud.

Key Features

One and only
One and only VMware partner

The only VMware partner in the country to offer private cloud SD-WAN platform

Zero touch deployments
Zero touch deployments

Simplified WAN management with Zero touch deployments

Split management
Co-managed service capability

Split management capability between Ooredoo and customer

PCI-DSS guidelines
PCI-DSS adherence

Built to be compliant with PCI-DSS guidelines

performance and reliability
Direct cloud access

Pre-built path to major cloud providers with optimised performance and reliability

Enterprise EDGE - Fortinet

Working with the only SD-WAN solution in the market which leverages proprietary custom SD-WAN ASIC hardware acceleration to supply best-of-breed next-generation firewall (NGFW) security, SD-WAN, advanced routing and WAN optimisation capabilities, while delegating network connectivity and management to trusted partner Ooredoo.

This unified offering delivers a security-driven networking WAN edge transformation with unmatched scalability and performance.

Key Features

Highest scaling
Scalable and secure SD-WAN

Highest scaling Secure SD-WAN solution in the market

Single pane of glass management
Unified management portal

Single pane of glass management for both networking and security


3 functions - traditional routing, security and SD-WAN - all bundled in one solution

Proprietary SD-WAN ASIC
Supreme performance

Proprietary SD-WAN ASIC hardware acceleration to provide an over ten-fold performance increase

Superior Quality
Improved user experience

Superior quality user experience