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Shahry+ terms and conditions

General terms and conditions:

  • Shahry+ plan allowances are aligned to the bill cycle. Allowances are refreshed every time a new billing cycle starts.
  • There will be no carryover of any allowances within the packs. Once the bill is issued, any unused allowance from the selected packs will be forfeited.
  • If a customer needs more allowances, additional subscriptions are available at an additional cost. Customers can choose recurrent or one-time options. Recurrent options will be renewed every month together with main plan allowances. One-time subscriptions will expire at the end of the billing cycle.



  • Shahry+ Active: Gives 10 GB of local data at full speed. After consuming 100% of allowances given, speed will be throttled to 128Kbps and the customer can still enjoy unlimited access to the internet at the slower speed.
  • Shahry+ Max: Gives 20 GB of local data at full speed. After consuming 100% of full speed allowances, speed will be reduced to 512kbps and the customer can enjoy 500 GB at this speed. After the consumption of the additional 500 GB, speed will be reduced to 128Kbps where customer can still have unlimited access to the internet at the slower speed.


WhatsApp data:

  • The WhatsApp data benefit is automatically available with Shahry+ Active and Max plans.
  • For plans that include WhatsApp data, the main data allowance will not be consumed when using WhatsApp services via local data service.
  • WhatsApp data consumption accessed with the use of VPN will affect the identification of data traffic and will not be considered as part of the WhatsApp benefit.
  • The benefit of this feature is restricted to local use only. This means that using WhatsApp while roaming will consume available roaming data allowance or be charged as out of bundle.
  • The WhatsApp data-included benefit is intended for personal use and cannot be used for commercial activities nor for mass broadcasting purposes. Customers whose usage is deemed excessive will be warned in advance and, if excessive usage continues, may be subject to service termination.


International calls and SMS:

  • International minutes included in Shahry plans are valid for 118 countries.* List of countries: dropdown
  • Customers can change multi-destination minutes into minutes valid for ONE selected destination, as per the available options. Minutes can be changed on the Ooredoo app, customer support via WhatsApp, customer support by calling 111 or at any Ooredoo Store.
  • Requests to change international minutes between different destinations will apply from the next billing cycle onwards.
  • Any calls and SMS messages to other destinations or outside any plan allowances will be restricted by default using Worry-Free Key, which protects customers from unexpected charges.
  • Customers wishing to enable calls at standard rates should unsubscribe from Worry-Free Key. Standard rates will apply – [link to standard IDD rates page]


Entertainment benefits :

  • All customers using Shahry+ Active and Max plans are eligible for an Urban Point subscription at no additional cost.
  • Subscriptions to the Urban Point service can be redeemed only on the Ooredoo App.
  • All customers using Shahry+ Active and Max plans are eligible to choose one additional entertainment benefit from the available options.
  • Available benefits are displayed and accessible in the Ooredoo app.
  • Subscriptions to entertainment benefits can be redeemed only in the Ooredoo app.
  • Customers can change between available redeemed benefits. Customers should request to stop the current benefit before end of the bill cycle. New benefits for redemption will be available from the start of the new billing cycle.
  • The list of available benefits to choose from can be changed by Ooredoo without notice. Ooredoo can cancel an already-redeemed benefit after 30 days’ notice.


Easy to Remember (ETR) number discount:

  • New customers who sign-up to Shahry+ plans are eligible for a discounted or free special number.
  • Discount value available for selected plan:
    • Shahry+ Active – QR1,000
    • Shahry+ Max – QR3,000
  • This discount is provided on the condition that the customer will use the new line for at least 12 months from the first day of subscription on the same or a higher value tariff plan.
  • Customers with the ETR discount will have to pay prorated value (based on remaining months) of used ETR discount if a) the customer terminates the line or b) downgrades a tariff plan to a lower value plan before the end of the 12-month period. The customer’s ETR number discount will be added to his/her next bill.

Worry-Free Key and Out-of-bundle usage:

  • All new subscriptions on all Shahry+ plans automatically receive enabled Worry-Free Key. This allows customers to limit out-of-bundle usage and avoid additional charges on their bills.
  • Worry-Free Key is a feature that helps to control bills and limit usage to the allowance available in packs. Out-of-bundle usage (local calls and SMS messages, international calls/SMS or roaming calls/SMS and data) at standard rate will be blocked.
  • Customers subscribed to Worry-Free Key who have consumed all allowances will not be able to make additional calls or send SMS messages. They can increase their allowances by subscribing to an add-on or upgrading their plans using the Ooredoo App.
  • Customers can deactivate the Key on the Ooredoo app, by contacting the Ooredoo call centre or by visiting an Ooredoo shop. This will enable them to make calls, send SMS messages and use other services at standard rates



General Terms and Conditions