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Explore the exciting world of augmented reality with Ooredoo Treasure Hunt and win awesome prizes!

Join Ooredoo Nation AR treasure hunt and win from Ooredoo Gaming

Explore the exciting world of augmented reality with Ooredoo Treasure Hunt and win awesome prizes!

There’s treasure hidden all over Lusail Winter Wonderland, Place Vendôme Mall and Al Bidda Fan Zone… And of course, the treasures are footballs! Simply register via or the Ooredoo Nation app, then scan the QR code and start hunting…

Once you’re registered, you can check the Treasure Map and guess where the treasure is hidden from the clues. Visit the Treasure Hunt station, scan the QR code and launch the augmented reality camera to collect your treasure!

Find and collect all the treasures at each station and win prizes, and get the clue to find the next station.

Visit all the stations to win as many prizes as you can, and successfully complete the Ooredoo Treasure Hunt to win a bonus prize!



Terms & Conditions:

  • Ooredoo Treasure Hunt runs from 15 November – 15 December 2022
  • Players can initiate the game and complete the journey any time within this game period
  • To participate, customers must register with a valid email address via the Ooredoo Nation app or website
  • Each email ID will be associated with one player account and cannot be changed throughout the game
  • The game is available in Doha only and players must be physically present in Doha to access and play the game
  • Players must collect treasures, which are footballs and flags, at each station
  • Players must collect all treasures at a station to get the prize
  • Players who visit all 3 stations and successfully complete the Treasure Hunt will get a bonus prize
  • For Lusail Winter Wonderland, customer need to purchase entry ticket from
  • Players can only use their AR cameras to capture and collect treasures, and no static images may be captured and stored from this game
  • Voucher prizes will be emailed to the email address provided during registration.
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